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  • Hormones

    Hi Everyone, but especially women sufferers. Have any of you had any luck with regulating your hormone levels and fixing the dry eyes? I believe this may be of great help for me, and I have read that women past menopause or on estrogen alone replacement are at a high risk of developing DES. I have severe dry eyes, not MGD, or any other issues, but no tears to speak of, using drops way too much, and having failed Restasis 3 times now, just makes things worse. don't know where to turn, I seen many posts regarding testosterone use, but would like to know if any have tried others as well? I would like to get my levels checked and find bio-identical hormone replacements but don't know where to start.

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    I believe I am in the same boat, but I am a male. I took medications that I believe messed up my hormones and gave me dry eye. I got my testosterone checked recently, and it was at 269. That is low, especially for a 35 year old man. Not sure what it was before my dry eye; never had it tested. My GP thinks it is just my "baseline" and doesn't seem to be worried. I'm not so sure. Going to see a urologist soon, but I would really like to see someone who knows how hormones can affect the eyes. I really don't know where to start either.

    The eye doctors I've seen either don't believe hormones could cause my issues, don't know what to do even if they do believe me, or seem to not really care. I had one doctor say, "You have dry eye, just like may people in Denver," and then walk out of the room. Dry eye just doesn't seem to be the interest or the forte of most eye docs. I've pretty much feel like once an eye doc finds out I've had Lasik, or finds out I have dry eye, they can't get me out of their office fast enough. I feel like I'm just bouncing around right now.


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      " Dry eye just doesn't seem to be the interest or the forte of most eye docs. I've pretty much feel like once an eye doc finds out I've had Lasik, or finds out I have dry eye, they can't get me out of their office fast enough. I feel like I'm just bouncing around right now.[/QUOTE]

      Hi jstrmereel-
      You've got that right. The rate of success with dry eye is an abysymal 10-20% of patients. So doctors really don't want to spend time with you unless you're paying for IPl, lipiflow or another out of pocket treatment. I'd like to inflict this problem on them for a little while-bet their interest level would perk up then!


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        I second that, they just don't seem all that interested in the Dry eye Patient, I've gotten plugs, and told to use Restasis and that's where it ends. obviously something is going on here with our eyes, but noone knows or cares what to do about it, I get it that there are many reasons but we need solutions. My eyes seemed to dry up almost overnight, in fact I was at work the night it happened, wasn't even sure I could drive home, didn't realize my eyes were dry at all, just thought they were irritated, that was the last day I had tears...crazy you wake up with tears and 12 hrs later they are gone, and noone want to find out why. I've heard of the issues with testosterone, and maybe because your levels are low for your age, they could try it, what could it hurt?? They are quick to prescribe Restasis, and at least for me that hurt a lot!!


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          I am also wondering about the effects of oestrogen. I am in the process of having a full hysterectomy which will mean I will be on HRT. The info online doesn't bode well for dry eye sufferers and HRT yet my gynae reckons it can help!
          Confused because if you research oestrogen dominance then a symptom can be dry eye, yet I would presume that oestrogen is minimal with HRT. Hard to find out unbiased information because its mostly negative online.
          I have been keeping a diary so that I can see is my eyes are influenced during the month. I have only been doing it for about 6 weeks so I cannot yet tell if there is a pattern. Ive had 2 pretty good days on the trot though so I am thrilled at the moment.
          Can anyone on HRT tell us how they are?


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            Hi Mawsky,
            You can go to a compounding pharmacy and they will give you a saliva test, or you can go to your regular doctor and ask for blood tests. The compounding pharmacy works with your gyno or GP with test results and hormone dosage adjustment. I think the saliva tests measure the hormone levels which are readily available in your system, and am not quite sure about the difference between the two tests, but they are not the same with regard to the results. My estrogen was way too high, progesterone non-existent and testosterone OK, but on the low side. Interestingly, the pharmacist with whom I have been working told me that my progesterone levels had probably always been low, and may have caused all of the problems that led to getting a hysterectomy. In hindsight, I'd give anything to still have all of my natural parts.

            I have had a full hysterectomy. Don't do it unless you absolutely must. Original parts are always preferred! If you do have the surgery, check into bio-identical hormones, and make sure you have blood or saliva tests done so the levels are balanced. Most doctors just throw a bottle of estrogen at us and that is the end of the story. Except it isn't. Everything must be balanced. Best wishes to you. I've been there too.