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Testosterone and Dry Eye/MGD

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    Originally posted by NotADryEye View Post
    Do you see an endocrinologist?
    I haven't no, I live in the UK so I have seen a few NHS GPs and I have my third appointment at the Eye Infirmary on Wed.


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      Fluctuating between normal and abnormal means there is something going on with your thyroid that needs to be addressed. In my experience in the US endocrinologists have not been the best at treating my thyroid because of the protocols they typically follow and the standards they adhere to. Also my endocrinologists have been more interested in treating diabetes rather than the nuances of thyroid diseases. Can you find a doctor who has taken an interest in treating thyroid diseases?


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        I have done much study on the Subject of Hormones and the Relationship with Dry Eye. I have seen case studies where women who have gone through menopause who have crashing Estrogen and Testosterone Levels Develop Dry Eye. They Were given Estrogen and Androgen Replacement Therapy and some were cured of Dry Eye, But this is a specific case. I do know that The Sebaceous Glands which are located in your skin, Called pores have the ability to be affected by hormone levels. Testosterone is the number one culprit in acne, because Over abundance of the Hormone, and its synthesis to produce oil in the Sebaceous glands causes them to over produce oil and malfunction, thats when the glands become clogged, or infected with bodily microbes.

        As for the Meibomian glands, the Glands the glands responsible for secreting oils to lubricate the eye are located in the eyelid. I believe they are controlled more by Estrogens. However in my experience, When I got Dry eye When Exposed to mold, I didn't know that Mold can create Estrogens when absorbed in the human body through the spores. So My guess, Either theres an allergic reaction going on that is creating elevated estrogen levels in the glands or could be menopause with crashing of levels in the body or like I said a completely unique case where mold exposure elevates the estrogens in your body. But with me, Lack of Tears is another culpret, that can be brought about by medication or medicine.

        I do believe that medicine could be a large contributor to dry eye, that an soap.


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          Yes many glands including sebaceous are controlled by androgens, they regulate the secretions and keep the structure and integrity of the epithelial tissue (usually mucous membranes). Vitamin A and Berberine is a specific nutrient and phytochemical specific for the mucous membrane tissue of glands, Zinc plays a role too (along with others). Now we are aware hormones are involved and a few peer review studies show anti-androgens produce dry eye along with anti-cholinergic drugs, chemotherapy drugs, etc.


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            I saw the specialist on Wednesday who told me at the moment there is nothing further he can do for me than to give me drops, that my problem is Dry Eye/MGD.

            Interestingly the other day, I found paperwork from when I had an eyetest back in 2008 when I was 17, I had no problems what so ever, no treatment was needed. Fast forward to early 2012, and I have Dry eye and MGD. The only explaination I can think of is that this must have happened because of the stress I was going through which caused an imbalance of some sort, either hormonal, or thyroid going off, something happened to my body around this time anyway... But nobody believes me and just says its one of those things. I personally don't believe dry eye/mgd is normal for a 22 year old. In the waiting room at the Eye Infirmary everyone is at least twice my age!

            So its possible its an estrogen thing rather than an androgen thing?

            My testosterone level appears to be low but my skin gets incredibly oily during the day that I take blotting papers with me to work, yet I also suffer from dry flakey skin on my eyebrows and around my hairline. Pre 2012, my skin type was normal and I never had any problems. Wish I could get this all sorted out, the 'old' me crosses my mind everyday and after nearly two years I don't think I'll get back.


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              Originally posted by Gemma90 View Post
              Wish I could get this all sorted out, the 'old' me crosses my mind everyday and after nearly two years I don't think I'll get back.
              Gemma, don't give up hope. You will eventually find the right combination of help and treatment. Maybe a really good dermatologist can help since Meibomian glands are a type of sebaceous gland. Just be careful about taking anything like Accutane - there are lots of posts here about its side effects.

              The flaky skin... are you consuming adequate Omega 3's? It's not just the quantity of O3 it's the ratio O3 to O6 that is also important.


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                Meibomian Glandman-
                Thank you for that info! It's very enlightening. No wonder that in my case, adding testosterone ended up clogging my glands more, at least in one eye. I felt like I was producing too much oil. My estrogen and testosterone is low. I haven't been able to experiment with estrogen as my dr will not prescribe bioidentical estrogen to a female that is not in menopause. But I have read where there are women whose blepharitis improved with supplemental estrogen. Hormones are definitely playing a role. Now if we can just crack the code.


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                  Gemma/Peppermint -- any updates on your condition/treatments?