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High-pitched noise is what's bother me the most

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  • High-pitched noise is what's bother me the most

    Yesterday in class, there was this guy with his Macbook laptop sitting left to me, and at some point the laptop's fan started spinning. It was this absolutely unbearable grinding noise, and I tried to focus in the class but my left upper eyelid was hurting so bad that at some point I had to leave before the end of class.

    I can use my laptop with an LCD screen for hours and hours every day, and as far as my dry eye/eyelid sensitivity are concerned it doesn't seem to bother me, sometimes it's even a bit relaxing. I just have a somewhat harder screen with reading pages and pages of text non-stop, and following a lot of motion on screen in a video or a game.

    But stuff like very high pitched noise, or say, a guy at a street corner in his car who listens to music with a lot of loud beats, this I find hurts my upper eyelids a lot. I guess it's because my eyelids' muscles have a harder time doing their usual knee jerk movements since the eyelids hurt, seemingly especially on the contours of the eyelashes.

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    By the way I have another question. Sometimes, when I open my eyes, I hear a small "clicking" or "clapping" sound coming from my upper eyelids. This seems to especially happen when parts of the upper eyelids are really irritated, sometimes due to stuff like this.

    Do you know what causes this? Is this something like parts of the eyelid sticking lightly to an eye because it's too dry or irritated?