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Incomplete blink and flutter blinking

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  • Incomplete blink and flutter blinking

    Well I thought that maybe I wasn't blinking completely so I took my macbook isight camera and recorded my blinks as if I was blinking at the computer at work. I went frame by frame and saw that on 90% or more of the blinks I was doing my eyelid only covered 1/2 to 3/4 of my eye. It almost never closed completely. I also tend to blink fast and very frequently... like 3 blinks rapid fire. I probably blink like 100 times a minute (maybe not that much but a high number for sure). How much could this problem of incomplete/flutter blinking contribute to dry eye symptoms?

    Thanks for the help


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    oh i forgot to mention that more than one person has told me my eyes don't completely close when i sleep. A slit of my eye is open so part of my eye is exposed at night (lagophthalmos).


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      hi alex

      well i posted a similar problem on here not long ago as i wanted to know if anyone else blinks as much as i do,well i sort of squeeze my eyes alot out of frustration but i was looking back on a holiday video and saw that i kept like blinking loads and sometimes kind of like a twitch,so im like oh my life i look stupid and was told there bhlepaspams.
      so i dont know how much it would contribute to dry but i know its the reason for it but dont know bout you but i dont know what a normal blink is anymore and im tryin to teach my self to stop but its hard to stop sumit you dont know your doin.
      as for sleepin may be it be worth tapein them shut at night,sounds horrid but if it might help you.

      sorry i dont have much of answer but wanted to share that i to have a similar problem

      take care



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        does sound like you have a similar problem. i've been on and off wearing sleep masks for the last couple months but i seriously want to do it every single night from now on. the reason i would stop is because i would wake up every night because of the sleep mask being uncomfortable. i recently bought a new adjustable sleep mask though and i noticed in the morning my eyes feel watery or moist if you want to call it that. i just hope it's a "good" moist and not reflex tears.

        if you think logically about it though if you only blink 1/2 to 3/4 of the way you're leaving your eye open to corneal drying at least on the lower half. i'm not sure what this could do, but it could make the eyelid harder to slide against the tear film surface and my guess is that it could cause soreness. correct me if im wrong. the problem at night where eyes stay somewhat open could also be a problem. I'm one of those people that hates something putting pressure on the eyes so for now i'm trying just wearing the sleep mask with a tight seal and see what happens. if i have to though i may have to press something against the eyelids to keep them shut at night.