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superior limbic keratoconjunctivitis

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  • superior limbic keratoconjunctivitis

    well, after seeing 12 doctors, i have finally been properly diagnosed with SLK. i i have no idea why no one was able to see it, but a couple doctors at alleghany general hospitol in pittsburgh, picked it out right away. from my understanding, the white part of my eyes, way up above my eyeball, have somehow become thicker than they should be, and everytime i blink, my upper eyelids just kinda drag acoss my eye, which is causing the severe pain i have had for 6 months.
    i have been given extended wear bandage contacs to try, which have alleviated the pain probably 50 percent. I went back to the doctor, and was told that the part of my eye that has been protected by the bandage contacs, has dramatically improved, so they gave me a new set of contacs, to use for 2 more weeks, and then are going to give me kontour lenses, which are supposed to be huge and pretty much cover the entire eye. if all else fails, there is a surgery to scrape away the over enlarged white part of my eye that is causing the problem. if any of you know more about this than i do, i would like to get as much info about slk as i can. thanks, ron

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    Some links for you

    Ronny, I've given you a few links to read through. Personally, I know nothing about SLK. Hopefully, the links will help you to understand your diagnosis. If anyone has more to add, I'm sure they will.

    You have a diagnosis!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck with your treatment.
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      Holy Crap, Ronnie!!

      I know nothing about SLK, but ... you have the brass ring: a definitive diagnosis and a couple of treatment options available to you.

      I'm so hopeful that one of these brings you relief. Sounds like you've been through an awful lot.

      Best of luck!



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        I have SLK, too! I'm so sry about your SLK problems and want to let you know that I have been there, and understand what you're going through. I spent four years and saw I think 8 doctors before anyone realized I had SLK (and I completely agree with you- i don't know how it was overlooked by so many doctors!). I had cauterization done and the tissue of my eye under my eyelid was burned off. I also had botox done on my eyelids to reduce the swelling caused by the eyelid dragging across the eye for so long. If you need any other options for treating your SLK/dry eye you should definately look into these, because they DID help. what is your SLK caused from? we still have no idea for me. my family has a history of hyperthyroidism, but my bloodwork says i don't have this. I also was negative for sjogren's. contacts could be a possibility to, but i've gone for a while without them, and still have the same problems i had w/ contacts.

        I was wondering- so is my dry eye caused by JUST slk? could this be my root problem??? I've always been going crazy trying to figure out if its caused by side effects from meds or lots of other things, but could this be the root problem? I know you are new to having SLK, but i'm kinda curious if you or anyone else who happens to read this and has some information about SLK. i'm still pretty unexperienced w/ knowing about the disorder.


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          I have also been to Allegheny Hospital Eye Specialists. Which doctor was able to give you a diagnosis?


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            JAH, this thread is two and one-half years old so no one will probably answer. Just FYI.
            Don't trust any refractive surgeon with YOUR eyes.

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