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eye closing/blinking

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  • eye closing/blinking

    does anyone close there eyes alot at work or when watching tv? When i drive
    i can't close my eyes so i blink alot. My dr said ithe blinking is a cycle, that needs
    to be broken. does anyone wlese with dryeye do this?? Its very frustrating,

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    Well, for me, I HAVE to blink a lot or else my eyes get insanely red, burning etc... no doubt my MGD has a lot to do with that...

    I'm assuming you blink a lot because your eyes are dry, and if you don't blink enough, your eyes get more irritated... if so, then I don't see any good reason to attempt to "break the cycle" of blinking a lot.
    Yet another post-Lasik (2005)...
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      My consultant tells me to `blink more' for the same reason SAAG has given.

      When I'm in a lot of discomfort, I tend to close my eyes really tight for a few seconds but this isn't the same as blinking.