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Blinking Motor Tic? Anyone else? please!?

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  • Blinking Motor Tic? Anyone else? please!?

    Hello all.

    So, with my dry eye, which started in 2007, I noticed that I have a problem with my blinking.

    It would seem that my don't blink normally anymore, or perhaps subconsciously is the best word.

    There is always the feeling or need to blink them. Obviously I understand that a person who suffers from DES will have the urge to blink more because of the irritation. But, what I don't get is that at times, and as of late it seems to be happening more is this..........

    I have the urge to close them. As in forcefully squeezing them shut real tight with a decent amount of force.

    I know what a blephrospasasm is but I was told that those are only if your eyes do it without you having any control over it. I can resist the urge for however long I want the problem though is that they dry out very quickly.

    Not to mention that fact that the forced blink is greatly reduced when my glasses ARE NOT ON.

    Matt Tollu