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Pictures Attached! - Please Help, I need advice!

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  • Pictures Attached! - Please Help, I need advice!

    Please see the picture attached to this message. What can I do to fix my eyelid closer problems? Note that I've had eyelid surgery already on my lower eyelids on both eyes.

    A few questions I would like answered:
    - What do you think the doctors should do to fix me? If possible, provide more than one option.
    - Will it ruin my physical appearance? (note I'm 24 years old and want a wife one day)

    Some other information about me:
    - My right eye has always given me the most pain
    - As you can see in the picture, the right eye closes worse than the left
    - I cannot wink with my right eye, only my left
    - I sometimes get involuntary twitching in my right eye (possibly facial palsy??)

    Please help me! I don't know what to do. My doctor (who is an opthoplastic surgeon) should tell me his plan soon, but I want second and third and fourth opinions!
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    Help anyone?

    The doctor is now considering a gold implant to weigh down the eyelids.


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      For some reason, I can't see the images...


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        talk to doc about botox

        I have a problem with my lids closing for no apparent reason due to MGD and blepharitis . After 8 months of everything it became difficult to keep them open . This progressed to blephrospasms and severe photophobia. I was reluctant but agreed with Dr. Robert Penne of Wills Eye in Philly to try Botox . Had the injection 2 weeks ago . Everyone tell me my eyes look much better. ( I did have brusing for a couple of days ). Able to keep them open longer , sill dry at times and sunlight a horror.

        That being said , other than looking like a raccoon ( large black circles under my eyes which I didn nt have before ) I would rate it a somehwat success. It is weird not being able to lift your eyebrows , so just call me MONA Lisa!


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          Thanks for the advice. Of course I'm not exactly thrilled to hear the suggestion, but it's nice to have a second option to explore. Does anyone else have any advice? I really need your guys's help as soon as possible before I actually go ahead and get something done!


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            I can`t see the pictures/Hannah


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              Have you gotten opinions from other occuloplastic surgeons? or other dry eye specialists? I am wondering if there is anything else beside incomplete lid closure causing your dry eye. Does your surgeon think this is where most of your dry issue stems from? Does taping your lid shut at night help?


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                I have never asked any other occuloplastic surgeon about it as there is only 1 on the island where I live.

                It's definitely possible that I have other problems besides lid closure, but I REALLY hope this is not the case.

                Yes my surgeon does think this is where the problem is coming from. I use ointment day and night which helps a lot. Closing my eyes always relieves the pain. Taping them works, but I really dislike doing this.


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                  I would wait for the surgeon to present his plan and be ready with a lot of questions - including what other patients he's had who underwent the surgery and how much their dry eye improved (and whether the improvement continued). If you have doubts... can you go off island for an opinion from another oculoplast? It's actually an advantage for the other to be out of the area - less likelihood that the other will be pals with your current surgeon so you may get a more unbiased opinion.

                  I'm afraid no one here can really give you the opinion you need... not enough info and this is something surgeons have to weigh in on. Personally I will always be biased on questions like this because my phone rings practically every day with someone whose dry eye was caused by an eyelid surgery that left them with poor lid closure.
                  Rebecca Petris
                  The Dry Eye Foundation


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                    I asked my question to some doctors who have since replied. Here is a link to the doctor's responses: