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Surgery of the Medial (Nasal) Corners of the Eyes to fix Lagophthalmos. Help!!!

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  • Surgery of the Medial (Nasal) Corners of the Eyes to fix Lagophthalmos. Help!!!

    Hi everyone,

    Does anyone know of a doctor who can perform a surgery that can fix lagophthalmos of the medial (nasal) corners of the eyes?

    I've had lower eyelid lengthening procedures done on both eyes with a spacer graft, but the medial corners of my eyes still don't close.

    I've heard that blinking creates a zipper-like effect where your lids meet and squeeze out the oils from the lower lids. Then the upper lids distribute the oils. So, if the lids don't meet, no oil comes out and certainly no oil is distributed on the surface.

    Pictures attached. Thanks!

    Click image for larger version

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    I'm not sure what this forums' policy is on bumping, but I'm really hoping that someone will respond to this post with a doctor I can try contact. Thanks!


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      What was the cause of the lagophthalmos

      Hi, Tankie,

      Just curious. Were you born with this lagophthalmos? Or do you know what the cause of it was?



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        I honestly don't know.

        I may have had it for my whole life but it never did me any harm until I was 20.

        It may have been caused due to changes in my face as I grew older.

        When I was 20 I had an eye infection in both eyes which may have somehow caused the lagophthalmos by weakening the muscles.

        I really don't know, but these are my best guesses.