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Very High Quality Pictures and Video of my Lagophthalmos - Need Advice

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    Judi, hi. [QUOTE=Judi999;92427]My eyes are so much better. I have learned that several things contribute how your eyes respond to autologous serum and the quality of the serum. 3. how many times a day you use it I use it every 2 hours for the first 2 months [QUOTE=J
    Thank you so very much for these tips. I have spent the last weeks trying to locate a pharmacy in the upper Midwest (my current location) which is likely to make 100% serum eye drops. Mine are 20% and the doctor asked me to use them 4X/day. No wonder progress is slow. After reading a lot of posts here, I have decided to use the drops more often. I still have a three month supply and my hope is that by the time they are over, I will be able to get 100% serum. If I have to travel to California, I guess I will. Thanks again for sharing. It's good to know there is hope. I'm happy your eyes are doing better. Best, ~Gerri