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    When you travel, how do you bring along your plastic wrap? I tried cutting pieces and wrapping them around a straw (keeping in a ziploc to keep clean) but the stuff sticks so well it's tough to find the end, particularly at the end of the day when I'm tired and just want to sleep. I don't really want to bring along an entire box of plastic wrap when I travel; I really try to travel efficiently, taking a single carry-on no matter how long the trip is.

    If anyone has any good suggestions, I'd love to hear them!

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    RE: travel with Glad Press N Seal

    When I travel, I cut/rip pieces of Glad Press N Seal and stick them to wax paper. I fold the wax paper like an accordian and stick more Press N Seal, then fold again, stick again, fold, stick, etc. I end up with a "fan" of wax paper with pairs of eye patches in between every fold.

    If I'm away for 8 days, I always have at least 10-12 pairs of homemade Glad Press N Seal eye patches. But that's a pain to prepare.

    So now, if I'm going for any length of time, I just take a roll of Micropore tape. Easy peasy. Just not as fun to take off in the morning


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      I've thought about cutting the roll into an eye patch sized roll but I imagine I'd need some sort of electrical saw to do it effectively. Then I could just buy a cheap pair of scissors at our destination and cut as needed. If I remember to, next time I go to my parents, I'll ask my dad if he has a good tool for it.

      I'll try the wax paper method, thanks!


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        hmmm, a quick Google and I found this:

        Hadn't thought of a box cutter. I may have to try that.


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          One Big doctor told me that can be very bad for M.G.