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Crazy Things We Do To Beat DRY Eye Problems:

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  • Crazy Things We Do To Beat DRY Eye Problems:

    I used to sellotape [using clear parcel tape] my top eyelids to my forehead in order to keep them wide-open. This was maybe 7 years ago. Out of desperation and wanting to watch TV at nights, I tried tying a thin rope around my forehead with the rope ends tied to the back of an armchair, the aim was to stop my head shaking and nodding. I may have looked liked a man being electrocuted in Sing-Sing but we'll let that go shall we. I discovered the rope alone around my forehead did stop the head shakes and helped slightly, but when the rope was tied to the chair to secure my head it didn't seem to me has successful as the forehead sensory trick rope alone.

    So foolish fool me had an Apache Red Indian style head band made from an old gents elatisticated trouser belt. A cobbler [USA translation a shoe maker] made this forehead band for me. It worked okay, but I must have looked barmy to some [USA translation = barmy= "odd or weird"] I personaly thought I looked like Rock Hudson in a film called Winchester 73, the one in which he was playing unconvincingly the part of an Red Indian Chief opposite James Stewart. The snag was no matter what I did with the belt it still looked like an old belt wrapped around my forehead.
    So I purchased some white finger bandage and slipped it over the belt to disguise it's origins. With the bandage on it then looked as if I had suffered an head injury and had been bandaged up in an hospital . Even so, despite the stares I was able to go about my business relatively free from the bleph shakes. For what it's worth due to MGD I was a "mover and shaker a long time before this phrase became popular in the USA, but not in the way they mean. No one ever thinks this is what patients and sufferers have to do to get some peace from dry-eyes syndrome. Don't be shy - tell us what you've done? no matter how weird or wonderful.

    WHAT IS A SENSORY TRICK? When you have severe bleph problems if you touch your scalp or forehead with your finger the ' excessive blinking and facial and eye tics stop". No one knows why? for many years when I touched the side of my forehead area between my right eye and right ear, if I pressed gently on this spot I had some peace and quiet. The snag is after pressing there for an hour or so, the finger pressure hurt me, and it got very tiring. A few years ago on TV they showed a woman who had to carry a cup and saucer with her everywhere she went, this made her concentrate very hard in order to stop the cup falling off the saucer. Whilst she was busy concentrating she appeared to be quite normal, but the moment she put the cup and saucer down she took what appeared to be a convulsive fit and fell to the floor in a heap and was unable to control her body, arms or legs. People have told me that when I'm speaking in public I'm 100% perfect, but when the speech is over I start twitching slightly and my head nods slowly. If you Google "Sensory Tricks" I'm certain you will discover more examples.
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