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What to use at night?

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  • What to use at night?

    My right eye does not stay completely closed when I sleep, so I wake up in the middle of the night feeling like I have a knife in my eye. Iíve been using night time ointments, but now Refresh is unavailable and Equate has been recalled! What do I do??

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    Pat N GenTeal PM works well. Available over the counter at most Walgreens/CVS/etc


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      In addition to using a night ointment or thicker drop, do you also wear some type of night protection like goggles or tape your eyes? I find EyeSeals 4.0 seals out the air very well for me...when I donít use them my eyes definitely feel drier in the mornings. Thereís condensation on the inside of these goggles when I wake up so I can also tell they are sealing in the moisture.

      For some people night goggles do not stay on in their sleep or they need an even tighter seal, so bubble bandages or taping their eyes works better than EyeSeals or other night goggles.

      The Dry Eye Shop has all these options available, plus helpful write ups and videos on them: