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Eyelid implants for lagophthalmos

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  • Eyelid implants for lagophthalmos

    I was reading about the little strips of gold that can be implanted in eyelids to weigh them down in cases on incomplete closure/blink.

    It sounds a little ridiculous but I could see how completely closing my eyes at night could have big benefits for me. Does anyone know anything about this or had it done?

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    So if they help you eyes close at night, what does this mean for day time?

    I have never heard of this, though someone else may have more info. What I do know is that having had Lasik surgery I would be very slow about letting another Dr. perform a surgery or procedure on me.



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      Your natural muscle strength will keep the eyes open during periods of being awake.

      This is a common procdure for lagophthalmos.


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        Gold Eye Weights.....

        These little gold weights for the eyelid are awesome. They do help with the dryness especially at night and if your lid doesn't stay down or close all the way. They help if you have a weak muscle for blinking. I have one and they are my savior. They are surgically sewen into the lid. The only draw back is, if you are cosmetically conscience they do leave a little bump in the eyelid and depending on the size weight that you get, they can make your eyelid droop. In my case, dryness and eyelid not closing all the way I had one surgically put in. They are wonderful......


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          I've researched the procedure, but I'm so nervous about any type of eye procedure at this point. I've read that platinum chains may be a better alternative than gold, but still ~ they're putting something foreign into your eyelid. Examination upon removal of the platinum peri-implant capsules showed less inflammation than the capsules around typical gold implants. So if I were to have the implants, it seems like the platinum chain would be preferable.

          The reports I've read involve using the procedure for paralytic lagophthalmos, as occurs with Bell's Palsy. Mine is due to Graves' Disease and RAI.

          I've also talked to a surgeon about other surgical procedures used commonly for lagophthalmos, but so far have decided against them. Then again, since the protruding eye condition is progressive, who knows how I'll feel about these procedures in the future? I know that the gap that is present when I blink/sleep will continue to worsen, and my eye will look worse. I guess time will tell.

          It is tempting to consider something that sounds like it could help. Really tempting. But the possibility of something going wrong with my already problematic eyes is something I don't want to think about right now.