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Red Eyes after laying down?

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  • Red Eyes after laying down?

    After laying down talking on the phone, taking a nap, sex, whatever - My eyes are super red! I am using pres-free drops and saline rinses to combat dry eye. It seems like no matter what I do, I always have super red eyes after getting up - anybody else have this problem?

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    you could have Lagophthalmos if it usually occurs after sleeping.

    also possibly an allergy to dust mites, down feathers, etc, assuming you do the activities in your bed.


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      It happens if I lay down on a couch to talk on the phone, take a nap in my car, take a nap in my bed, lay down for >15 minutes in bed. I just can't figure it out.


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        Dryasadesert makes a good point about lagophthalmos. Tranquileyes goggles help me with that, but they are expensive for something that may or may not work for you.

        Try using some Genteal Gel (severe formula-- in the tube, not the bottle). It might help. I notice that closing my eyes and holding them closed with Genteal Gel in them is very soothing.



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          Hi, xedice, and welcome!
          We are almost all patients here trying to help one another, as well as a few docs who -- following their ethical standards -- are allowed to offer suggestions but not diagnoses over the internet.

          That being said, I agree with both "dryasadesert" and "liz56" that you might pursue a potential course of action regarding "lagophthalmos" -- the inability to completely close one's eyes when sleeping or resting.

          Some of our members have found help from gels such as the one which Liz has suggested; others use saran wrap (if you were in Britain, I believe that it would be called "clingfilm"), or even wear goggles at night to trap moisture so that their corneal surfaces do not dry out while they sleep.

          Using preservative-free drops as you are already doing is likely a fine idea, even if it is not 100% solving your problems for now.

          Liz offered a terrific link to a professional journal about this problem. Here's a brief excerpt from a Wikipedia entry about the condition:

          From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

          Lagophthalmos is defined as the inability to close the eyelids completely.

          Blinking covers the eye with a thin layer of tear fluid, thereby promoting a moist environment necessary for the cells of the exterior part of the eye. The tears also flush out foreign bodies and wash them away. This is crucial to maintain lubrication and proper eye health. If this process is impaired, as in lagophthalmos, the eye can suffer abrasions and infections. Lagopthalmos leads to corneal drying and ulceration.


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            thank you dryasadesert, liz56, and mary kenny badami!

            I have read the wikipedia article and that link that you posted. When I blink during the day, my eye does completely shut and open. However, maybe I have that condition when I am sleeping. I will try putting saran wrap over my eyes tonight and see if that helps me.

            But, I am still wondering about when I am talking on the phone. My eyes are blinking when I am laying down and talking on the phone, I'm not sleeping or anything.

            If the saran wrap works I think I might try those tranquil eyes!

            Thanks for the help!


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              Hmm, saran wrap didn't do anything for me. I had it over my eyes for the past few nights but I still wake up and my eyes are bloodshot and stay that way most of the day...

              I did order tranquil eyes for the night as well as biker glasses for the day in attempt to keep moisture in and wind out.

              I also started up BioTears supplements.

              I have been dealing with bloodshot/red/veins in my eyes for way too long. Just went to a doc yesterday and his explanation was "some people just have a lot of veins in their eyes - it is just cosmetic - nothing I can do"