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Lid Wiper Epitheliopathy-anyone Know What This Means

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  • Lid Wiper Epitheliopathy-anyone Know What This Means

    Hi All

    Well i saw my optican today and she said she thinks that my problem is this(above) but i dont get what it is and cant seem to find much out about it.
    I think its only a rough guess but think i should look into it incase shes right but if anyone knows anything then please let me know as kinda confused.


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      thats great thanks just the info i needed.
      is there nothing you can do to fix it then,havent properly been diagnosed but not sure how you can tell if it is

      thanks for the help


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        The dry eye dr I see Dr. Korb in boston was the one who first discovered this issue in the eye lid. I have this condition also and he has been helpfull. This is a condition from what he describes to me when the tear film becomes bad is the lubrication is not good so the lid wiper becomes raw and does not evenly spread the tear on the eye. This results in the skin on this wiper to become raw. there is treatment for it and its just simple lubrication. I have been treated for this from horribale to non exestant a few times and this is worse then the dry eye pain when its flared up but then I treat it and feel better. I googled it as im fighting it again and saw this post here. I have been part of this board for years and supprised there is not more info on the condition. Let me know if you have any other question im going to see my dry eye dr this thursday to have my glands expressed again. He tells me that I have one of the worst cases of mgd he has ever seen although mass eye and eay says im fine lol. Hope this helps


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          hi mike

          that is a help thank you,so its just basically using drops as normal for it.
          wouldnt most people with dry eye have it thou,if you get me?
          well im still trying to find a decent eye specailst in the uk as ive still no diagnosis of what mine is but feel like its getting worse and worse.
          but my optican has dry eye and she has a basic idea on it but not an awful lot and only says she asumes this is what mine is but im not convinced.
          if you could keep me up to date with anything you find out that be great just incase i have it.

          thanks alot again



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            The biggest thing I think anyone in this community seems to have trouble with it finding a dr to properly diagnose the root of our problems. I know from my first hand experience that my dry eye dr took and did the rose bengal dye in my eyes every 5 minutes for 30 minutes and then flipped my lid and said hey there is the root of the pain its the lid wiper then he also showed my wife what it looked like. He mentioned to his assistant see now if we hadent taken the time and done the dye then we would only think clogged glands were bugging him. He put me on a gel at night and warm compresses for the glands( I have been daily on warm compresses for years) He have made my eyes feel good before in years past so I feel he knows what he is doing. the thing giving me hope right now it that I had the lid wiper problem before and he has made it subside and my problems virtually dissapeared so I have my fingers crossed my appt is tomm ill let you know what he says its been 4 weeks since my last visit.


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              glad to hear that your has improved thats great and good to know that you make it improve.
              be good to hear how you get on and your eye doc sounds wondeful,im still searching for one in the uk
              hope your appoitments goes well and will speak to you soon about it