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Ghosting in Vision (MGD or Something Else?)

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    As regards, the 'film'. Well I just took a much harder look at my non-ghosting eye and it is indeed there as well (it is very hard to see as it is almost looks like it's part of the conjuctiva). So, it looks like its all perfectly natural as far as that is concerned.

    I will be taking a course of oral antibiotics before I see a specialist as for the past year or so (close to around the time the ghosting started), I have had one side of my nose blocked but only when lying sideways coupled with an almost contant dull ache around the back of the eye and sometimes slighly above. I possibly may have a chronic sinus infection so I will see if that bears any relevance to my assortment of visual phenomena.

    I will, of course, update this thread with any new findings...


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      Originally posted by Rebecca Petris View Post
      I think that usually if some kind of dry eye incl. MGD is affecting vision significantly, (1) there is also visible dryness on the eye surface, and (2) it fluctuates, and (3) it responds to treatment, i.e. if the doctor sees improvement on the surface the vision is probably improving. In addition, dry eye bad enough to affect vision significantly usually really hurts (though not if you've had a lot of loss of sensitivity - which paradoxically also happens with dry eye). So it's certainly possible to see poorly from dry eye without having any of the symptoms on my list - just as some people get only one symptom, say extreme light sensitivity, without having any other symptoms. It's just not common.

      If the ghosting is really really consistent, and were happening to me, personally whether there were MGD or not (and MGD is very common) I'd suspect some uncorrected astigmatism.

      Just out of curiosity, when you recently updated your prescription... What was the refraction like? (the 'better 1, or better 2?' test). Did you ever get to a point where you saw the chart without any ghosting?
      Hi Rebecca,

      I know this is an old post but I am trying to find the root cause of my ghosting.

      I did Lasik 5 month ago and I diagnosed with Ocualr Rosacea & MGD.
      2 Month after lasik, I started to have ghosting. My ghosting is kind of consistent and it gets worse when I put drop in. I had appointment with two different doctors and they told me I do not have HOA. They used wavefront. I was just wondering, when the surgeon checked your cornea, did they tell you the same thing as well?