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White goop in corner of eye

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  • White goop in corner of eye

    Do most people get mucous in the corner of their eye build up a few times in the day? Not strings just a little bit. I did not get this until about 3 or 4 months into the Blepharitis. Is it a dry eye thing or bleph related I wonder.

    Also does Resveretrol make a difference help do you think? I am about to run out and it is expensive. Been on it since January. Along with Nac. Eyes are overall better than when this all started last June/July but who can tell if it is the heat/massage, the supplements, the accupuncture/chinese herbs ...

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    My dog with dry eye gets a lot of mucous build up. It was explained as being a result of the lack of tears to wash away the mucous. I have to clean it out of her eyes, and pull off the dried mucous that sticks to the edges of her lids. She really hates it
    *I just would like to add the disclaimer that I do not suffer from dry eye myself; my service dog does. I want to stay up on treatments, and offer support to others!


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      Hi Bette

      I also get whitish gunk(not a lot,sometimes hard,sometimes soft)out of the inner corners of my eyes and when my eyes are having a calm period,I don't get hardly any.Haven't got a straight answer from any doc as to what it is,but also can't find a doc who has a clue as to what occular rosacea/bleph is or how to treat it.Hope someone has an answer.Good Luck


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        I think a small amount occasionally is normal. Since I had Lasik 10 years ago, I have NEVER had any white gunk in the corners (or any other place) of my eyes. I also think that contributes to dry eye. It went away with the Lasik blade. Lucy
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          Bette, is it the inner or the outer corner? I get it in the outer corner.


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            white goo too!

            I got white goo also... right after I had all 4 puncta plugged. I had 3 cultures but none of them came up showing an infection. It was very frustrating because I *knew* something was off.

            I found out by myself that I could "milk" a couple of the lacrimal canaliculi... I pressed gently on the areas above/below the canaliculi and I could see "milk" coming out of the hole where the plugs were.

            Anyway, I ended up getting an ophthalmologist to flush all my plugs (I had intracanalicular plugs) with saline and with vigamox (antibiotic). Then he gave me a couple samples of vigamox to follow-up with as drops.

            It all cleared up in a couple of days. Phew! The problem now is I'm back to bone-dry eyes... oh, and I'm afraid of plugs.

            I guess my main point is - if you feel that something is off, find someone to help you as soon as possible.


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              The white stuff

              Hello Everyone,
              Thanks so much for the replies.
              Randolf (fantastic name) I get it in inner corners same as Sandra Lee and have to clean it out 3 or 4 times a day. Some days less, some more. Not loads but it is there. I did not have it for first few months of bleph.

              Today, so far, my eyes feel completely normal. Sun is shining and I have the worst heat rash ever. I look like I have something infectious (wondering if Resveretrol/nac can make one more sensitive to the sun I have never had rash like this before) But eyes are good with no celluvisc drops.
              Do you guys sometimes have symptom free days? I realize I do not have anything like as much trouble as most of you.


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                I have MGD and I've been having that white discharge on the outer corners of my eyes since about a year prior to me noticing any actual symptoms of dry eyes. Just using eye drops seems to get rid of most of this stuff.

                My best guess is that this is the hardened up oil blocking the meibomian glands being discharged, although I really don't know.


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