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Tear Film Debris and Foam

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  • Tear Film Debris and Foam

    I have MGD and a bunch of other problems for about a year now. When I do the warm compresses followed by lid massage, I notice a significant amount of foam and debris/bubbles in my tear film. Thankfully, it doesn't cause me discomfort and generally my symptoms have improved; I am on some medication to help with that. But it looks awful and I'm surprised that aspect of this hasn't improved in the year that I've been doing compresses. It seems as if it is not going to improve beyond this point. Has anyone seen a reduction in foam/debris as a result of doing compressess/massage for a long period of time?

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    sorry to bump this, but it is exactly the problem I am having, wondered how people are treating this bubbles in tear film?

    Mine appear after a warm compress and then is I do some forceful blinks


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      I can see some small bubbles in my tear film also. Did compresses today.


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