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    does anyone know what services Dr Roth offers? does he offer BlephEx? or does anyone in melb?


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      BlephEx is only a very new device from the USA. We've had a few optometrists vow to obtain it here in Australia, however it may need to pass as a medical device with the TGA. I doubt Roth has it yet, and it's his choice to obtain it.


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        Correction, Dr. Roth is an Optometrist. Not opthtalmologist.

        However he is one of the best in the country for Dry Eye.

        Makes no difference in my opinion. If an optometrist is happy to perform expression, check my
        eyelids, prescribe presrrvative free low dose steroids, monitor my condition and most of all provide understanding matters not if they are a specialist or not to me.
        Ah, I didn't know that optometrists could prescribe. I'll have to check him out.


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          Originally posted by Mike G View Post
          Ah, I didn't know that optometrists could prescribe. I'll have to check him out.
          As far as Im aware in Australia it depends on the optometrist but they are very limited in what they can prescribe.
          If you want medication like doxycycline, you'll need to visit you GP or Ophthalmologist.


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            Has anyone improved your dry eyes symptoms with Blephex or Plugs?!? I've used blephasteam but no help. I live in Sydney ... if anyone is like that. Give me some of your experience


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              Hi maiuyen
              I have read your recent stories.
              To get more relief, you need to know your exact issues, thick oil, blocked glands, inflammation (bacteria, demodex), scar tissues, Vit D, partial blinker etc? Then you know your treatment options and right timing/order/combination makes a difference.

              Blephasteam: many papers support its effectiveness. the tricks are: enough time. If your oil is thick, 15-20 min is more effective than 10 min.

              Omega 3, diet, safe/effective lid hygiene are important too for MGD.

              make-up: if you often wear make up, likely you need debridement to clean lids/Line of Marx, maybe Blephex help too.

              Lastly, dont give up as there are more new treatments available -
              keep learning/exploring new things. Good luck!
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