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Anyone with ocular Rosacea? What does it feel and look like?

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  • Anyone with ocular Rosacea? What does it feel and look like?

    I've been struggling the past few months with terrible eye problems.

    No one has mentioned it when I've seen specialists, but I was wondering if anyone who has ocular rosacea could describe how it looks and feels?

    The reason I ask is because when I look on the web, the images have obvious inflammation. There is often some lid involvement etc and the present inflammation gives rise to fairly obvious mechanisms which would cause issues with the meibomian glands etc.

    However, it's said that it can happen in people who have no visual signs of rosacea whatsoever?

    I'd love to hear from anyone who has ocular rosacea on what their symptoms are, and how the eyes look and feel?

    Does anyone have any experience of ocular rosacea without any facial or lid involvement? I'd love to hear from you also. How do your eyes look and feel and what led to diagnosis?

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    I believe I have it, my eye doc says the oc rosacea has caused the mgd. I don't really have any facial symptoms, except for some blushing when I exercise or drink alcohol, but that will happen to almost anyone who is very fair skinned. But yeah my eues have a lot of veins, and react to almost everything.


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      Yes, it's odd. I don't understand how doctors could diagnose it without any additional symptoms. Rebecca posted some information a while back about demodex causing ocular rosacea like symptoms in the absence of typical facial features. My eyes became a lot worse (vein wise) after I started using an ointment at night at my GP/Dermatologist's advice. I imagine that putting stuff like that in your eyes is like sleeping with contacts in and not giving your eyes any chance to breathe, so that won't have done them any good. I imagine the presence of that stuff would take a while to leave the eyes also, so sleeping with it in probably means I spent a lot of time with it in during the day also, just by default.

      My eyes are uncomfortable and bloodshot all the time and I look pretty unwell because of it. That's why I was wondering what ocular rosacea would look like if it was just affecting the eyeball itself. I imagine if I had any true MGD, my tear break up would be affected to some extent, and I'd be affected by wind/ac etc, but as of yet, I don't really think that's too much of the case. Do you find your eyes affected in the typical MGD fashion BigApple? As in overtearing and discomfort in wind or dry environments?


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        yes I find I have typical mgd symptoms . my eyelids are no joke red all of the time. and usually a slight burning sensation, especially if I don't blink enough . not sure if my eyelids can ever become unred, I'm slowly losing hope


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          I have ocular rosacea with very mild facial involvement - the slightest pinkness on the sides of the nose and forehead, easily covered with makeup and not something that you would notice. My eyes are white with no veins but become red with exposure to the computer or to AC or wind. I have lid margin involvement which when triggered becomes bright pink, and improves to a lighter pink but never goes away entirely. Lots of things may trigger the bright pink response. When this happens I have overall eye irritation, slightly painful. No swollen lids. You didn't ask about the chest, but my chest has gotten permanently full-on pink. I had to get Vbeam laser to get rid of it a few years back and it is returning.