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Lid Nightmare

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  • Lid Nightmare

    I'm so confused.

    I've been diagnosed with dry eye since 2014. In particular, MGD and sleeping with my eyes partially open. I use Retaine MGD drops, warm compresses, lid cleaning, blinking exercises, gel, humidifier, and cod liver oil. My eyes themselves are very, very white at this point. My problem is my left eye lid.

    My left eye lid can randomly become swollen, to the point where it looks like my eye is being pushed inward. I'm desperately trying to figure out if it's make up, the contacts that I try to wear once a week (Acuvue Moist) or something else. I don't think it's the drops as they are preservative free and do not affect my right eye.

    My doctor did tell me the top of my left eye is very dry and that my lid rubs against my eye more than the right. To top it off, I do have a slight nystagmus. I'm wondering if I should get lid surgery, but I did read it can make dry eyes worse. I'm also going to meet with an allergy doctor, as my optometrist told me I had little white bumps under my eye lids that were caused by some kind of allergy.

    Does anyone else have this problem? It just sucks to see my eyes this white after all this time, but still have swollen lids.

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    First of all I'm very jealous of your white eyes and ability to wear make up! How long did it take?

    Secondly, I've not heard of this issue before but maybe ask your doctor about a bandage lens just for that eye, see if he/she thinks it might help.


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      I have allergies and mgd, I got told similar to you as of the allergies and mgd. Allergies can cause inflammation as of what I got told. If its your main issue allergies you need to get that down so it may help. I might not be fully right I might be wrong but this is only as of what I got told for my allergies


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        Does anyone know if you can get a blood (pathology) test to check your histamine levels? And if your levels were high (or elevated) this would indicate you are having an allergic reaction to something, causing inflammation, mgd and resulting in dry eyes? Also, does anyone wear a sleep mask at night to prevent them from drying out too much and if so, do yo find it helpful?


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          Im assuming your original diagnosis is posterior blepharitis /mgd? Your left eye being swollen sounds like it could be anterior or outer lid blepharitis . Both often go together. I have both. The lid bleph comes and goes with me. Might also be an allergy. Right now my eyelids itch now and then. My lids look ok so Im wondering if its my allergies. How do you like those eye drops? Do they help alot? Xx