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    I have MGD and am not sure as yet as to what has caused it. The oil in the glands is fairly hard and whitish. I had blephasteam treatment not long ago and the optometrist tried to express some oil out of my glands and could barely get anything out. I came across this fairly recent article about oral azithromycin being better than doxy for the treatment of mgd. Has anyone tried this treatment regime and what sort of results did you get? Also, what sort of side effects did you experience?


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    One problem that I see with this study is that it seems to be testing the two antibiotics against their actual antimicrobial effect. Excess bacteria could cause the tearfilm to be unstable but from most of what I've read, doxycycline is usually used over the course of several months (at a much lower dose than 200mg/day) for its anti-inflammatory effect. A week-long course of azithromycin is great at killing bacteria, but does it have any sort of anti-inflammatory effect? Probably not.