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How long do the meibomian glands take to atropy, and is it reversible?

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  • How long do the meibomian glands take to atropy, and is it reversible?

    Am both aqueous and oil deficient. I became aware some time ago the theory advocated by Dr. ****** that sometimes the meibomian glands get plugged or obstructed. I had planned to see him but because he doesn't take insurance I looked for other doctors who did. I had an appointment set up with Dr. Tauber in Kansas city who does it because I couldn't find anyone closer. By luck my Opmtamologist mentioned he had probed a few patients, so I gave it a shot with him. Upon probing he found that nearly all my lower glands were plugged. I certainly feel a great improvement in some areas.
    For instance even with ointment and goggles my right eye would always be stuck to my lid on waking. Now I have fallen asleep a few times through the night without any protection and my eye is only moderately dry in the morning. My eyes are still not anywhere near where they were pre lasik. My question is this, does anyone out there have an idea of how long it takes for the glands to drop out and atrophy. My fear is that because it's been about 28 months since I had lasik that some glands may have died already. I've heard a meibography can tell, but I'm having a hard time finding a doctor to do it. Anyway thanks.

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    I was told by my cornea specialist that "all" my lower glands had dropped out/atrophied. I freaked out and wanted proof so I had a meibography done. It showed that most, about 90% of my glands are fine, they had not dropped or atrophied. My condition post-LASIK is that I am oil deficient.

    I had my meibography done at a local school of optometry. I would start researching by contacting any local universities or optometry schools and asking around.

    It was a beautiful thing to see all my glands winding their way to the lid margin. So very relieved. It's an invaluable tool in assessing the true state of your glands. A doctor can't truly evaluate your glands via a slit lamp.

    I think it takes years for the glands to drop out. I think you're OK at 28 months and until you get a meibography, you don't really know what state your glands are in. I am 9 years post-LASIK, cornea neuralgia in one eye, complete loss of sensitivity and ocular rosacea. Glands are still there after 9 years and that's the trifecta for gland dropout.


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      Which eye doctors will do meibography? Optometrists ornOpthamologists. I live in Canada.


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        Hi Karen. It's usually ophthalmologists at least in the U.S., but few of them have meibography. Also you might find it at the universities, or you could try asking your current eye doctors if they might know a place to refer you.

        I don't know how close this is to you, but if you google, this eye clinic in Ontario comes up and says it has meibography: