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Options for Visual Distubances?

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  • Options for Visual Distubances?


    For ghosting, floaters, beams, halos starbursts etc. What are my options for aiding these symptoms due to my mgd messing up my tear film? I know sclera lenses help but I don't think I can afford them considering i have medicaid and that insurance doesn't cover them. Unless there is a cheaper pair I'm not aware of, they cost thousands.

    Is there any other alternative anybody knows of?

    All advice would be greatly appreciated! X

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    Hi,i dont believe the floaters are frim mgd. I have them also,besides dry eye I have posterior vitreous detachment that also can caus some of these symptoms. Unfortunately the dry eye makes them worse. Have you been checked for pvd. I use sun glasses alot,even indoors to deal with glare etc. Have you asked about doxycycline?


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      Well, I went to the doctor and he said everything in the back of my eye looks healthy as far as detachments. He said all my visual symptoms are down to my tear film being messed up because I'm missing my lipid layer.

      No, I haven't tried doxycycline yet... Have you? X


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        No but im thinking about it. I have bad quality oil,so my tear film is messed up too. I get greasy,hazy,blurry,sometimes watery. Miserable this dry eye,and very unnerveing. Xx