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  • Just curious - Let's accumulate info.

    Hey there,

    I've had MGD and blepharitis for a few years now. Prob caused by a combination of things so I try not to dwell on it. Over the past few years I have tried a lot of different things to handle the issues with very little to no change.

    So I guess this post is to ask everybody (specifically those that have had it for years); did you ever see improvement? What can you factor the change to that caused such improvement? Feel free to tell your story but the idea is to try and find a commonality between posts. Maybe somethings have a higher percentage of improving peoples situation than others. For example, warm compresses are a must. Let's try and see what else could be as useful.

    Thanks for your time!

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    Flaxseed oil or fish oil is very good for mgd have u tried that but u need to be patient to see results alot of people arent patient thats why it doesnt work for them


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      Hi Vivid Panda. This is a good idea, especially since MGD is one of the major reasons for dry eyes. Only thing I would add is the probable cause (if known), as people may want to try factors that helped others with similar causes.

      Autoimmune disease (but never positive on any tests), combined with computer overuse, long work commute, and possibly long term contact lens wear.

      Major turnaround:
      Drinking fresh lemon juice in strong green tea 2x daily, after last meibomian gland probe procedure. Within a week eyes felt less dry, and continuing to improve since starting lemon/tea October 2015. Probe procedures always opened up my glands (had five procedures total), but would quickly start getting blocked again. Have not needed a probe since starting lemon/tea, however last probe was needed to unblock glands first, because if blocked, likely oils could not get through despite any diet changes or treatments.

      Other food, usually early in the day:
      -Protein, like juicy salmon or periodically a small portion of quality steak or prime rib (I know, right!? Beef does work for me for some reason every time, but I limit it).
      -Spinach or kale salad.
      -A cup of berries (blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, strawberries) or pomegranate.
      -Fresh juice made from a rainbow of vegetables, including kale, chard, collard greens, bok choy, beets, cucumbers, carrots, butternut squash, and parsley, and apples. When added parsley to the mix, had noticeable improvement in dryness.
      -Drinking lots of water all day.
      -Limiting sugars, gluten, and dairy.

      -Light lid scrub with Ocusoft Lid Scrub Plus Foam morning and night.
      -Scleral lenses 12+ hours a day. Helps deal with remaining dryness due to some meibomian glands that no longer function.
      -Evoxac rx pill (generic name Cevimeline) up to 3x daily. Adds moisture to eyes for ~4 hours. Usually only take for driving.
      -Blinking exercises every few hours.
      -Stop working.

      The above are key factors that helped me go from being homebound for several years, to maintaining decent comfort and functioning. I no longer need to use artificial tears. So it's totally possible to recover to a good level, it just may take time to find what works for you, and it may be several factors that help. Below is the original post of my journey:
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        Hokucat - Great post and I'm glad you are on board with this thread. I am staying optimistic as many of us are. Hopefully one day we can find a cure or permanent solution to MGD.

        A few questions however come up. I have also been tested for autoimmune diseases and theyve all shown as negative. What makes you think you may still have one when your exams have said otherwise? I think I still have one as well but if it says contrary on paper, i cant exactly refute.

        In regard to your tea. Is is just normal hot green tea and you put about a half lemon worth squeezed into it or so? There are clinical trials that state lemon is a wonderful natural anti-bacterial substance so i guess it can mostly definitely help us with MGD.

        Thank you for your post.


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          Hi Hokucat
          Probing: How do you know your glands are getting blocked again after probing?
          Did you use any 'tools' to detect or just by 'feeling (of secretion?)'?

          I use 20-zoom mirror - often after compress I can see (oil?) drops (from glands) but often my eyes are watering so wanted to know if there are better ways to monitor glands.

          I did LipiFlow but still suffering - I used Blephasteam for 10 min. as instructed by 2 doctors.
          However, later I found out my thick oil actually needs at least 15 min. or above 44C.
          Now with Blephasteam 10-15 min. I can always feel secretion but sometimes no drops are found.
          Maybe I should extend to 20 minutues??

          Soon I plan to do BlephEx or probing or Expression - so I can work again.

          Thank you!
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            Hi Vivid Panda. Glad to share what helped me if there might be something that helps others, or at minimum give hope they will find what works for them.

            Regarding why I (and my rheumatologist) still think I have autoimmune disease even though extensive semi-annual tests have been negative:
            -PAST SYMPTOMS: At my worst, not only did I have severely dry eyes and mouth (hallmark symptoms of autoimmune disease Sjogren's Syndrome), but also the skin on my entire body got dry and scaley, lips were chapped and cracked, joints and muscles got stiff and numb, and my normally oily face got really dry. Was told these are all symptoms of Sjogren's and/or other autoimmune diseases. I was in really bad shape, but thankfully have overcome almost all this with diet, so now the only thing left is moderate dry eyes.
            -HEREDITY: My mom has a slight case of Sjogren's, but her only symptom is mild dry eyes. My aunt (my mom's twin sister) has Rheumatoid Arthritis, and her kids have Lupus and one also has Rheumatoid. So my rheumatologist says it's likely hereditary I have Sjogren's, which is like the "sister" to Lupus and Rheumatoid.
            -BLOOD TEST TREND: The "Rheumatoid Factor" test in my blood panel has increased somewhat over the last 6 years, however still in negative range. All other autoimmune tests (ANA, SS-A, SS-B, IGs, many others) remain negative and unchanged. These extensive tests are typically ordered by rheumatologist more than primary doctor.

            Regarding green tea and lemon, I use Kirkland (Costco brand) Organic Green Tea, a blend of Sencha and Matcha. I make it really strong in hot water by tapping the tea bag against the side or bottom of the cup with a spoon at least 100 times until it's dark green, then squeeze in the juice from 1/6 slice of a large Meyer lemon. Often include a slice of crushed ginger. I drink this 2x daily. Am assuming the antibacterial and antioxidant effects of this is somehow eliminating the bad bacteria in my system that's causing the autoimmune disease and MGD/blepharitis, and helping my meibum flow. Since I started drinking this, have found studies supporting the use of green tea and the combination of lemon with green tea for overall immune system, cancer, and even dry eyes:



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              Hi MGD1701. When I got my very first probe, I often felt a "pop" each time my doctor was able to unblock a gland with the probe. My doctor explained probing a gland was like popping a balloon. After getting ~20-30 glands unblocked on each eye with my first probe, my eyes felt more moist for awhile, but then started to get dry again. I assumed it was because the glands were getting blocked again, and it was confirmed when I had the next probing, many of the same glands had to be popped again. This cycle continued every time I had the procedure, until I started the lemon/tea. Am glad you are able to check your oils with the 20-zoom mirror, that's good info for others. My glands are difficult to check, as they are very tiny.

              The probe (and expression done prior to the probe) is good to totally unblock the glands, but if you do not have a solution for your meibum flow, it may get blocked again soon like mines did, unless you find something like the lemon/green tea that worked for me. Maybe since Blephastream and warm compress helps you, that will keep yours from getting blocked after an initial probing, or perhaps that combined with following with some expressions and IPLs will help. Lipiflow did nothing for me, and it cost me $1,200!

              Hope it all works out and you can work again!