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Stop using lid scrubs?

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  • Stop using lid scrubs?

    I have been using ocusoft lid scrubs for 5 months (since my blepharitis diagnosis) and recently a cornea specialist has recommended me to stop using them. He says that if there is not a lot of inflammation, then they can make matters worse. He says that 95% of his patients show improvement when they stop using the scrubs.

    But I have met ophthalmologists who say lid scrubs can never be harmful. Should I stop using them?

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    What I have learnt/read + my experience

    1) if eyes are tooooo inflammed, lid scrubs is bad.

    2) blepharitis is chronic so lid hygiene is impportant, at last x1/day (better x2 like dental care),
    otherwise it will come again or get out of control.

    3) good to control demodex too

    In fact, some inflammation is hard to detect at the slit lamp.
    Effective/safe lid hygiene is important, if you ask me -
    I would say, most doctors promote it too, at least in USA.

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