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Metrogel for Ocular Rosacea?

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  • Metrogel for Ocular Rosacea?

    Hi everyone,

    I asked my doc for metrogel to put on my lids, and she agreed to prescribe it to me, although she hasn't prescribed it to anyone else before. Does anyone have any experience with using Metrogel for ocular rosacea...and have you experienced any negative or positive effects?

    Thanks so much!

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    Metrogel inquiry


    I have never used metrogel, but I am going to a dermatologist for the first time next month. This may be something that I suggest to him since I also have ocular rosacea. Do you have any other eyelid symptoms--burning, stinging, or swelling?

    Keep us updated as to your response to this product. I would be interested in trying it. I hope it works for you.



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      Hi Clio,
      I have burning and stinging and hotness of my eyelids. I'll keep you updated on the Metrogel. What are you doing for your ocular rosacea?


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        Currently I am in the middle of turmoil with my eyelids. I am using Restasis for inflammation and Blephamide Ointment every night. Blephamide is a steroid and antibiotic treatment. I'm not sure if the Restasis is having any beneficial effects. The Blephamide helps somewhat. I just started it 2 weeks ago. Other than that, I use cool compresses. I have difficulty using any medications because they seem to make my eyelids flare and sting.

        Now I have the problem of High Blood Pressure and finding a medication that doesn't create burning and stinging. I believe my meibomian glands are damaged. Do you know if they can become normal once they are damaged?

        Sometimes I am so frightened by this disorder and there isn't anyone in my family that can relate. It's tough to incorporate it into a normal lifestyle.

        Let us know how the metrogel works.

        Thanks for your response!!


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          I'll more than likely be going on a course of Metrogel in a weeks time. I'm doing pretty good right now and don't want to upset the cart, but figure I should do what the doc says. He wants me to use it 2x day for 3 months, but not until after I've finished a course of maxidex. I'll keep everyone posted on how it goes as well.

          Ody, did your doc mention not to get it in the eye itself? Apparently it has alcohol in it and will burn.


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            I have used it on my face (didnt help some redness i have on my face) in hope it might help my eyes, but not eyelids, i think it is ok to use on eyelids but i dont think it really absorbs well so might not reach the eyelids that need to be reached, worth a shot though.
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              I have used metrogel before. I had read some article that it had been used with some success on the lids.
              I asked my eye doc about it, he vetoed it. Said it was too risky. However I talked my dermatologist into it.
              I don't remember any major changes from it, I still have most of my tube, so it must not have helped me much.

              Went today to the dermatologist. This time I requested Locoid Lipocream. I read somewhere it is supposedly good for lids.
              We'll see. Seems like everyone has a different idea about what is best.


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                I've been using Metrogel on my lids for three months now. I really don't see much of a difference, other than it irritates and drys out the skin of my eyelids. Ugh. Will we ever find something that works?!?!?


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                  Its only been one day, but the locoid seems to be working.
                  Only drawback, yesterday I had a stupid moment and tried a new eye makeup remover,
                  today predictably I am having an allergic reaction.
                  Will I never learn ??!!


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                    SG -

                    Is Locoid a corticosteroid? I always understood that rosaceans were not supposed to used those. What did your derm say?



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                      Yes it is a steroid, but you can use it [I]sparringly and infrequently[I]
                      Because folks with Rosacea have a lot of allergies, my dermatologist thought my lids could be allergy related. He first gave me FML, which helped tremendously at the time.

                      I was severely cautioned against overuse though.
                      Problem as I see it ,is no communication between my eye guy and skin guy.
                      I am just confused most of the time.


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                        I have had dry eyes and dry eye lid flats for 20 years. No eye drop helps. I decided to try metrogel. OMGoodness it burns so bad when you put it on the lid flat and therefor goes into the eyes but then stops after about 30 seconds. When I use it (once a day) in the evening the next day I have no burning. I have used eye make up for the first time in over a year without pain. I do not have a doc that says to use it. I will not use cortisone ever again.