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Greasy eyes won't clear - post-Chloramphenicol hell

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    ive tried them all on that site and the ones i think are really good and i buy like loads of them is suprenettes as it has gentle ingrediants and says you can use em on babies so you know they arent gona make things worse well i love them but i know everyones different.
    the blepaclean range i found iritated me and there quite exspensive plus the lid care has perseravtives so i stoped using them.


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      I was told once to use baby shampoo but i found it stung my eyes.

      Has anyone ever experienced waking up in the night with a strong acid irritation in their eyes? It happens to me now and then and is murder! The only thing I can put it down to is soap getting in the eyes, probably from clearing the nose or something. (I know if I breath in eucalyptus oil it goes to the eyes after a while.)

      The other night I had this terrible acid feeling in both eyes! One was worse and woke me right up. I resisted rubbing it which is what I do in the past as the quickest way to alleviate the problem.


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        Kate good luck with appointment will keep fingers crossed, let us know.

        Chris, I also use supranettes like kate, been thru them all and completely agree with kate that bleph range is expensive and not that good and something called Lid Care was very strong and stung like mad. I buy six boxes at a time cos you get a bit of discount. Hope this helps.



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          I am no Dr, but sounds to me like you may have rosacea.
          The acne, stinging, soap like feeling, are all common.
          Plus people with rosacea have a strong tendency to have allergies.
          I used some carpet fresh once, and I was in hell for weeks due to a fragrance allergy. I finally had to clean my carpets with plain water to stop my misery.
          When I have a bad reaction, sometimes my Doc prescribes a short course of oral steroids.

          Have you tried cold compresses?
          My Dr suggests 1/2 milk, 1/2 ice water for allergic reactions.


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            I haven't tried cold compresses yet.

            I was once given pills for acne rosacea but I let them run out. I should have stayed on them. I thought I just had a reddish nose due to cleaning it that morning but now the nose is even redder.

            I am also wondering if I have ocular rosacea as my upper lids are reddish and the lower lashes are slightly puffy (from too much lid cleaning?).

            I also reacted strongly recently to bleach. I cleaned my kitchen sink with a different bleach than usual and the next day my eyes were really sore as if the vapours had gotten to them. After a day it went away but I'm never using that brand again. (Clue: it is the leading one.)

            I then wondered about the other bleach I use (the shop's own brand) as I use it almost daily to clean in the bathroom sink.

            Also I foolishly once cleaned my glasses with bleach! I thought they had gotten infected. Ever since then I notice my eyes are sore from wearing them so I no longer use that pair. I remember when I got them the optician cleaning them a lot with a spray that irritated my eyes.

            Lastly my eyes have gotten real bad recently, greasing up with a horrid misty haze that takes ages to clear. It can happen when I blink. Sometimes I am OK, other times the eyes cloud over with this hazy substance. It can then build up until vision is really obscured. I am now thinking the meibomian glands are producing too much oil or they are infected. What do you people think? It's a nightmare and is affecting every day now.

            My eyes are also bad when they get tired. Maybe they are overworked? I find it hard to do much computing now without them going bad.

            I have been back to the doctors and they have prescribed me some more eye drops - they are liquid but with chloramphenicol in them! Looking at the ones I have used before, most seem to have this ingredient in them. I just wish they wouldn't also include things like chlorine, which can sting and make the eyes sore!


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              Hi,I see this post is from 2009,I have alot of the same symptoms. Did you ever find correct diagnosis or relief?