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Pretty sure I have Mucus Fishing Syndrome caused by allergies.

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  • Pretty sure I have Mucus Fishing Syndrome caused by allergies.

    For the last year and a bit I've had this annoying goop in my eyes that most ppl think is pus from an eye infection when they first see it but I know my eyes are not infected because they were or the doctors at least thought they were before... I had antibiotics to get rid of eye infections before, my eyes feel better since then.

    The chronic goop i have started one time I had pinkeye. I guess I may have poked around in there too much and damaged something because according to the few sources I have found say it is caused by trauma to a certain part of your eye. I used the eyedrops and kept my fingers out for long enough for it to get better, there was only a little bit of goo in them every morning.

    Then a month or so later I noticed more white/yellow/clear goo in my eyes and them being more and more itchy each day. I kept pulling the goo out with my pinky and people who saw it thought it was really weird. I would often spend alot of time in people's bathrooms getting it out. It got so bad my parents thought I was doing some next level drugs. I found info on the internet about blepharitis and was convinced I had that. I started wetting faceclothes with hot water and using them as compresses on my eyes and it provided relief but only temporarily.

    One day one of my friends suggested I try using benadryl so I did and it made my eyes noticeably less itchy so I have been using a multitude of allergy pills since then. I have good days and bad days. Some days I have this crap coming out of my eyes so much that it gets onto the middle of my eye outside of my eyelid and I can't see right so I have to take it out a bunch of times. Some days its not so bad. If i dont take my allergy meds for a few days it gets terrible and i look like i just came off a ten day crack binge. I sometimes use a brand of eyedrops called Thera Tears that my mom uses. They make my eyes feel alot better especially when cold but are again only temporary relief. There are also some life brand (I live in canada) allergy eyedrops I use that sting at first but I think they help.

    I had never heard of Mucus Fishing Syndrome until I found a post on google from this site about it. Now I know I definitely have it. I haven't found much about treatment for the symptoms other than keep your fingers out and use some eyedrops+anti histamine, which I have been trying to do but some days it's so hard because there's so much. Does anyone else know anything about this condition/have any suggestions about long term treatment/cures???? Plz help this condition has been making me suffer for over a year and it makes my parents think im on drugs.

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    You should look at the dry eye triumphs, a guy in there who had mucus fishing syndrome got a mucus test by his general practitioner and found out he had a low grade flu virus. After a cycle with some sulfur-based anti-biotics it cleared up, check it out.