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Much improvement -- I believe fungus is my ongoing problem

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  • Much improvement -- I believe fungus is my ongoing problem

    I have had eye irritation, light sensitivity, blurry eyes, etc. for almost a decade. It has changed my life -- not for the better. Couldn't read, watch TV, or live a normal life. I have seen many, many doctors -- some of the best in the US. I've tried every drop known to man, only to become hypersensitive to anything put into my eyes. I've used serum drops (no help), steroid drops (made things worse), PF drops (no help), specially compounded drops (little help), and so on. I have frustrated every doctor I have seen because none could figure out my problem. And, my frustration grew to the point that my wife didn't want to be around me. Most of the doctors wanted to do surgery, which I would not do without a definite diagnosis. And, of course, there was none. Within the last 6 months I was tested for allergies, and found that I was not a high reactor which eliminated that as a possible major issue. During the allergy testing period the allergist gave me some antibiotics, and prednisone, for what he thought was a sinus infection. Upon taking the meds my eyes got incredibly worse. This reminded me that about 25 years ago I was treated for a candida infection due to the many antibiotics I had taken over the years for sinus infections. I stopped the antibiotics and prednisone immediately, and asked the allergist to Rx me some nystatin. He could only Rx the oral suspension, which is loaded with sugar. But, I took it and within a day or so I had terrible diarrhea. This confirmed in my mind that I had a huge yeast build up. I then went to my primary care doctor and asked her to Rx me nystatin tablets which have no sugar (sugar increases yeast in the body). She Rxed a 3 month supply, with one refill. I am now just starting to take the refill and I can say that in total, and specifically my eyes, that I have not felt better in years. My eyes are about 80% better, and I think they will continue to improve as the fungus (very hard to kill) gets under control. It is important to treat fungus systemically because it resides throughout the body. Treating it locally, on the eyes, will not cure the fungus. In fact, it may make things worse because of the hypersensitivity of the eyes. FYI, there are some articles that link fungus to MGD -- not a lot, but it seems that there is a growing amount of evidence that fungus in the meibomian glands can be a major contributor to meibomian gland dysfunction -- and, all the terrible symptoms that many of us have lived with for years. For those of you who have struggled with this life changing problem for years, with fading hope for a solution, this may be something you want to explore. I would be glad to answer any questions at


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    Pete, Thank you very much, I'm up for this theory too for recalcitrant mgd, esp in sebaceous skin type. (Also Helicobacter pylori overgrowth in the gut causing systemic inflammation, esp where there's cramping or food intolerance.)

    Would be so happy to hear this nystatin treatment helps you. I'm thinking it's not necessarily yeast dysbiosis in some other cases, could sometimes be surface dermatophytes. Search PubMed 'tinea eye' to see findings from Tunisia and China on recalcitrant mgd treated this way. The Tunisians have identified several types of Malassezia down the microscope (difficult to culture because each strain grows on different media) but I don't know whether they extracted meibom or just took skin samples. Yeast is very lipophilic and moves in on sebum (this is why derms recommend antifungal or tea tree shampoos for surface infection in overgrowth from sebaceous overproduction). See DermNetNZ. We tried a safe antifungal eyedrop but I doubt if it got down the mgs (tinea forms mycelial strands anyway).
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      RE: nystatin

      I was reading up on nystatin. What I read says that nystatin taken orally is not absorbed by the gut (i.e., does not go systemic).

      Nystatin used topically is not absorbed into the skin (i.e., does not go systemic).

      Same for nystatin used for thrush (mouth) or vaginal yeast infections.

      In fact, they cannot find an application for nystatin to be injected (and work systemically) because it's toxic.

      Can you tell me your theory on how nystatin (esp orally) helps the eyes?

      Thank you.


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        I'm wondering if by working on the fungal load in the gut, the nystatin is indirectly helping the eyes. There is less for the body to cope with (lower load) in the gut, so the body has more reserves to help with the eyes. . . just a theory.

        We do know that everything is interconnected, you help one area of the body and that helps the rest of the body. This is probably why people often say there eyes feel better when they consume less sugar.


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          SPMCC has a very good question – how does nystatin help the eyes if it is not absorbed from the gut? I’m not sure I have the exact answer since this is a very complicated question and issue. There is quite a lot on the internet about the connection between candida overgrowth and eye inflammation. As an example, the following paragraph was taken from one web site: “When the candida yeast gets out of control, it morphs into a mycelial fungal form, becomes invasive and grows rhizoids which then burrow into our intestinal wall. These rhizoids leave microscopic holes in the intestinal wall which allows toxins in the form of undigested food particles, bacteria and yeast into our blood stream”. It is my belief that the nystatin attacks the yeast overgrowth in the gut, thus significantly reducing the toxins that are released into the body. These toxins can cause many symptoms, including dry, inflamed, blurry eyes. BTW, nystatin is in fact absorbed through the gut, but not significantly. Even though the absorption is low, it might also help in reducing the yeast which finds its way to the sebaceous glands, which includes the meibomian glands. My guess is that the main role played by nystatin, however, is to bring the candida under control in the gut which in turn reduces the toxins in the body that cause significant inflammation in the body, including that in the eyes. I have not found any research studies that make this link directly, but as I indicate above there are many web sites that do reference the link. I have been asked by one of the leading ocular surface specialists in the country to provide him with my experience with nystatin. He is interested in exploring the possible link because there has been very little research on the possible connection. In fact, many (most?) doctors in the country do not even believe candida overgrowth causes symptoms of any kind. For people (many on this forum) who live daily with the terrible effects of ocular inflammation, and have had no relief from all the treatments they have tried, or the many doctors they have visited, this might be something you want to consider.


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            Highly interesting to read, thank you. Many years ago I was friends with a guy who'd joined a pyramid selling organisation, this one sold vitamins, and I suspect the gimmick was they loaded their agents up with a starting stock knowing full well these people were not hard salespersons but whats known as 'Friends And Family Agents'. The organisers knew 99% of their agents would go bust and end up with lots of unsold stock which was the case here. He gave me a lifetimes supply of free vitamins just to get rid of them all with a yeast base. Ever since this gift as bugged me as the possible cause of my problems. I asked the Hospital Consultant could this have been the reason but he replied they had checked me for a yeast infection and found none. Your remark that rhizoids leave holes in the intestine walls suggest "if thats the case do they leave holes in the optic nerve walls". I spent weeks searching yeast infection and myelin sheath damage. One I recall was OIL SEED RAPE POLLEN was a dangerous substance. Please search rape seed oil pollen [RSOP] and wind blown RSOP oil fumes and it's known allergies.


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              Rape seed oil problems uk / ragweed in the usa.

              QUOTES From Multiple Sources:

              Oilseed rape gives rise to health complaints The exponential increase in oilseed rape cultivation over the last 30 years is primarily due to intensive farming, lucrative Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) subsidies, the advent of set-aside, the development of the oilseed rape industry in the UK, and the development of genetically engineered crops. There are no restrictions in the European Community to control the planting of oilseed rape in close proximity to houses and roadways. Farmers are not obliged to move the crops away from residential areas, even though there is public disquiet and scientific evidence to suggest that oilseed rape is indeed harmful to health.

              Oilseed rape is grown not only in rural areas but around villages, towns and cities throughout the UK. Today, it is common place to see oilseed rape planted extremely close to houses, in some instances within a few metres. However, those who are more observant may have also noticed that farmers who are also concerned about the alleged health effects of oilseed rape, generally plant a variety of crops near their homes, but not oilseed rape. It would appear that charity does indeed begin at home.

              Diminished quality of life for those affected by oilseed rape For those who are affected by oilseed rape, it can mean numerous visits to the doctor and pharmacy for prescriptions. Drugs are heavily prescribed to people (children and adults) when avoidance is the only true method of allergy management, though some individuals do indeed require medication for additional protection.

              The symptoms of some children are so bad that they are prevented from attending school, (schools in urban areas can be surrounded by rape fields), even some adults are signed off work, and many people are restricted from venturing outside and must keep their windows firmly closed, even in warm weather. People who regularly exercise outside (joggers, walkers, sports enthusiasts, etc.) are prevented from participating in their regular fitness activities. The following are extracts from previously published research papers:-

              Coldahl reported: Investigation of the personal history of the patient revealed nothing suggestive of hereditory susceptibility to allergy. In May 1951, when the rape began to bloom, itching of the nose, increased secretion from the nasal mucosa and sneezing occurred. There was also itching and congestion of both eyes. Some 3 weeks later breathing was wheezy. The symptoms almost disabled the man for about a month. As soon as he went near a rape field in bloom, the symptoms increased in intensity. The first year the symptoms troubled the patient at night too. The rape field was situated only some 30 metres from his bedroom, which was on the windward side of the house facing the rape field. As soon as the rape began to bloom in 1952, the symptoms reappeared, but this time they were not so severe as before, probably due to the fact that the rape field had been grown in a field some 250 metres from the house.

              Bucar reported: Several of our patients described acute itching of eyes and nose, sneezing or asthma when passing by or staying near a rape field in bloom.

              Brostoff reported: Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) will not settle out of the air, although they will disperse readily. VOCs were unlikely to affect people at low concentrations and individuals would only be affected by them if they were close to the source. Brostoff concluded that there was some evidence that VOCs could affect hayfever sufferers, but only some plants had this ability, and one known to produce VOCs in abundance was oilseed rape. Brostoff stated that VOCs from oilseed rape have an irritant effect on the nose that affects many people, not just those with an allergic disposition. Brostoff also clarified that the immunological mechanism was not antibody-mediated, but irritant.

              Parratt reported the following symptoms which most strongly correlated with peak oilseed rape flowering:- sneezing, cough, headache, eye irritation and the total of these and other symptoms. Parratt believed that his study clearly demonstrated that oilseed rape induces symptoms in a significant proportion of otherwise healthy individuals.

              This is the work of others, not the work of the collator April Showers.
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                Hi, Where can i get tested for candida?
                I healed my dry eye with nutrition and detoxification. I'm now a Nutritional Therapist at: Join my dry eye facebook group:


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                  i have try nystatin supansion and i feel some relif
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                    Dear Pete,

                    i have read your forum post on .

                    I have pretty much the same symptoms you had. In my case I was diagnosed having a type four allergy to Candida Albicans. My eyes were examined by lots of doctors and nothing was found.

                    Your words could have originated from me "I have had eye irritation, light sensitivity, blurry eyes, etc. for almost a decade. It has changed my life -- not for the better. Couldn't read, watch TV, or live a normal life. I have seen many, many doctors“.
                    The only doctor I now really trust at first prescribed me Myrrhinil which contains myrrh. This should fight Candida Albicans but in my case it didn’t change anything up to now.

                    15 Days ago I started taking Nystatin tablets 3 times a day 2 pills with each 500.000 I.E. which was also prescribed by my doctor. After reading your forum post I really would like to share my experience and would like to know how your progress and your dosage Nystatin per day was?
                    Did you experience any die off/ Jarish Herxheimer reaction besides the terrible diarrhea?
                    In my case the symptoms i already had before got even worse. This means that the headaches got stronger and my energy level is even lower.

                    I only found one german doctor who might have suffered from the same. He says he managed to help himself by Nystatin and Fluconazole.
                    You can read his story below.

                    The only thing that helped me in the past is a certain osteopathy for the eyes or cranial nerves.
                    I would be more than very glad to hear from you. It is more than rare to find a fellow sufferer.