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Sodium laureth sulfate

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  • Sodium laureth sulfate

    Hi guys, i am happy to say that i am no longer suffer from dry eyes and MGD. Why? because i stop using personal products contains SLS in it! My eyes are no longer dry and i barely use any eye drops at all. So i guess i am cured! (: Anyways, i hope you guys look into the chemicals that come in contact with your skin in your personal products.
    good luck all!

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    Can you share some of the products you have found that are good for washing the face especially that is free of SLS? I checked all my face washes and they all contain it Found something interesting my shampoo that says sulfate free contains sodium laureth sulphanate (spell? tiny writting) sounds like the same to me, but not sure. Would love to find something that would help, glad you did for you


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      Thank u for post.

      Theratears sterilid scrub has this chemical how strange. mind u my eyes r getting worse . Any other lid scrub recommendations?
      I am up for anything so will hunt shops for sls free products ...


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        yea no problem. I am just happy that my eyes problems are gone It troubled me for 10 years when i was just around 10 years old and now i am 21.( but i got diagnosed to have MGD and evaporative dry eyes when i was about 16 so its been a long time. Anyways enough of my story
        Mawsky: i don't really know what u meant by washing face? i am a guy, so i just use water. The products that i replaced are pretty basic such as Toothpaste, Shampoo, conditioner. But if i am a female, i would really advised you to look at the chemicals that are in your makeup products etc because those come in contact with your skin/ eyes.
        The shampoo and conditioner that i used are from the Company called Neways, you don't see their products in store because they are a network marketing company.
        Here is the link of the list of ingredients that they use in shampoo that i used ( thats the link)
        But yea, check it out on Neways or check out other shampoo from other company that doesn't contain SLS because i am 99.% sure that the reason why my eyes was having problems due to the fact that my lifestyle did not change one bit.
        Prior to switching my personal products, i was taking fish oil pill, blillions of eye drops, eat alot of fish and restatsis, warm compresses, but that only maintain the discomfort level, it didn't make the pain go away.) i no longer experience dryness under strong classroom lights, or eyes feel dry at the mall Etc..
        My final comment would be, please do a little research on what you put on in your face, hair, mouth Etc. Although SLS has proven to be safe, in my opinion some people just have sensitive skins than others. , i believed SLS can have affect on people's skin, hair eyes.
        Good luck and yea the Neways shampoo is a little pricey compare to your average dove shampoo or other brands in stores, but to me quality over price, if you can squeeze in a few extra dollar to get better stuff for your skin. do it! let me know if you guys have any questions. i will be happy to help out and i really think it will benefit for people who have MGD and Evaporated type dry eyes
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          I have been trying to eliminate both SLS and fragrances in shampoos due to a skin reaction I have near the hairline (also figured it probably isn't good for my dry eyes either). However, all the "sulfate free" products I have found have other ingredients in them that sound very similar to SLS, so I wonder if the net effect is the same. Here is an excerpt I found on one such similar ingredient:

          "The difference between SLS and Sodium Coco sulfate is no greater than the difference between purified water and unpurified water (like hard water, etc.) In terms of how it works in the hair, Sodium Coco Sulfate is just a highly, highly diluted form of SLS. If you're allergic to one, you're still gonna be allergic to the other, and such."


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            Update - i have no more burning inner eyelids thanks to sls free products. i use a locally made eye wipes which are preservative free, hypo allergic, sls free and ph balanced . they are for babies but who cares . i wipe this off with warm water qtip to prevent any excess entering eye . i also use hydrocortisone cream on lower outside lid x2daily . combo works great !!

            I am still dry. less red. Mostly very comfy eg no eyelids burning.


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              sodium lauryl sulfate a controversial Subject!

              This product is great for removing those rotten meibum and sebum oils that the skin produces that create body odor. However whats wrong it it? Its artificial, and cuz its artificial its cheap thats why they make everything that has the word soap in it out of it today. Soap in the olden days was made out of Animal fat and Lyme combined in a barrel of boiling water. Soap supposed to be a greasy sudsy great product that don't leave your skin dry! I believe since the day they invented medicine they invented this artificial soap crap that dries out everyones skin leaving them prone to infection, IE DRY EYE, DANDRUFF, ECT!!!

              This is a bad substance that should never be used near the eyelids, and if it is, Oils like jojoba oil should be used to lock back in the moisture, I guarantee you never see the word oil on any soap anymore cuz its all artificial.

              May be time to go back to the good ol soap store and pick up your self a good bar of the animal fat soap which keeps the skin moist and clean!!! I mean think of it, it got natural oils from the animals fat in it, it has to do some good for your skin :P I mean how many people in the olden day complain about dry skin?

              Probably not too many cuz nature solved the problem...I believe a new generation is being born out of the current, one that has realized, Newer doesn't always mean better!

              Remember you always get what you pay for, you pay for cheap ingredients, you get the side effects of that cheapness...

              Life is about Reading the FINE PRINT

              so start reading!


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                Curemeplz, what fantastic good news! That is so kind of you to post up and tell us your eyes are better without SLS after all those years wow

                There are plenty mineral and vegetable oil soaps too, MGman, and some oils do feel good for cleaning the eyes, don't they.

                Soaps, Just so you know, I am 98% sure hydrocortisone caused my daughter's eye/skin problems. The GP told her to use it twice/day for 21 days on patches of Tinea She got perioral dermatitis, still unresolved after 5y, and the serious eye problems. She had no signs of rosacea then but she definitely does now, especially rhinophyma. It's as if the immune response has been changed. The article and other drug advice sites warn people about not using steroids with rosacea now although it has not been widely accepted until this year.

                Hydrocortisone needs careful use. It should not be available over-the-counter. It freaks me out that docs tell people to use it around the eyes or even on the face without warnings. Especially dermatologists. I have never met a dermatologist in all these years, including a world-famous acne professor teaching in a world-famous hospital, who knows what a meibomian gland is or even pretends to be remotely interested in what their prescriptions do to eyes. So I'd be talking to the Ophth about the hydrocortisone. And 'don't know' is not the answer we look for.

                Because they have no immunology knowledge or regard for the eyes, the derm have asked us to use their standard steroids and immunomodulators randomly in chronic use with 6m follow-up but we are sticking with rotating antibacterials for the skin in agreement with the Ophthalmologists, who are reducing steroid use for the eyes to absolute minimum to theoretically allow the immune system to re-regulate. The derms have also asked us to use a hormone pill 'to see if it helps' without testing for hormone levels. LM has raised intracranial pressure which started on taking Lymecycline 4y ago and still has flareups of raised IP which can damage the vision by pressure on the optic nerves if not controlled with diuretics. Hormones can do the same. I'm just saying dermatologists have not been interested in finding out what their drugs do to eyes or brain, or even talking to ophthalmologists, and are particularly dismissive of any possibility of systemic absorption (esp increased absorption in under-12s being treated for acne).

                It's one of those scenarios where most people are fine but some people aren't, and prescribing docs don't really want to think too hard about the risk. I've read periorificial dermatitis and eye problems can start with eg steroid asthma inhalers. It's really about being informed about possible side effects.

                Obviously, I feel very strongly about not using hydrocortisone near the eyes but I don't know what your skin condition is. I truly wish you the best and understand how the steroid cream feels like it's helping. Don't know how often you use it but if it's frequent and you withdraw it, you might need ophthalmology help for the eyes.
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