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  • Zaditen questions

    I live in the USA and have been unable to find a PF allergy drop -- except from Leiters, which is pricey. I saw a post on this forum about Zaditen PF, and found I could get it from AU. I ordered it, and found it to be quite effective. The cost of the product is quite reasonable, but the shipping cost is high which eliminates ordering it frequently. This leads me to a couple of questions:

    1. Is there anyplace Zaditen can be ordered that would not incur a large shipping cost?

    2. Does anyone know if Novartis has any plans to make Zaditen PF available in the USA? Rebecca, is there anything you, or forum members, can do to influence Novartis? I think the drop would be a huge seller.

    3. Directions for Zaditen PF say to use one drop, and immediately throw the vial away. It appears that there are about 5-7 drops in the vial. Has anyone saved the vial and reused it over the course of a day or two? Any problems? Sure would make the product much more cost effective!

    Thanks much,