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Confused, allergies?

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  • Confused, allergies?

    Hey everyone,

    So the last few weeks I have been doing a bit better in some areas, worse in others. I saw my corneal specialist a few weeks ago for a follow up. I told him that I wanted off Restasis due to bad redness and sensitivity. I was at the point where I couldn't even be in my car when the sun was out. I knew it was Restasis because this happens every time I am on it. (I am NOT saying restasis is bad or trying to "warn" people about it, this is simply what happened to ME) It DID help my lids though, so now my lids suck but my eyes are more clear and less sensitive.

    I also had my first allergy test. It was a simple environmental test, nothing special. It turns out I am allergic to trees and pollen. My problem FIRST started when I moved to a new city, a two day drive away. Doctors told me it wasn't an allergy because my eyes didnt itch. (They do sometimes but very seldomly) My doctor told me to use Lotemax for three weeks to get the inflammation down and to use pataday once a day. He said then taper off Lotemax and use pataday and Alrex as a "rescue drop" After I put the pataday in I feel Soo much better for HOURS. I am still using serum drops as well.

    Does the fact that pataday seems to be helping so much a sign that allergies may be a big problem? Where I live now the pollen is really bad.. People have told me that it is "the pollen capital of ontario" and this is what i am allergic to. And yes, my symptoms are worse in the spring to fall....

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    It sure sounds like it. Glad you've found something that helps.


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      It helps yea, enough.. No lol but your right is something! Thanks Alison!