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    Hi everyone,

    I have a diagnosis of MGD for 2 years now, and my symptoms calmed down a little the past few months. I am so grateful for this but now I'm having a really bad relapse for 9 days and nothing helps. I'm just miserable.

    I've been reading the forum a lot the past few days and it really seems just a few people experience the same symptoms. My main complaint is a toxic/burning/stinging sensation (eyes dont feel "dry" when i experience this), along with dry white/clear deposits on the outer corners of my eyes and sometimes crust in the inner corners.

    I've done a skin prick test 2 years ago which came back negative, so I ruled out the allergy route. But I'm not sure anymore. Can ocular allergies be diagnosed with prick tests?

    For those of you with ocular allergies, did you experienced the same symptoms? How did you manage the pain? And what do you suggest for me?

    I've tried Zalerg drops (pf antihistamines), they help after instillation but not long term. I want to try Zyrtec but am afraid to make my eyes even more dry...

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      Personally i think your symptoms are from the poor quality of oil. Bacteria etc. Same with the small bubble like deposits (soapy). Poor oil quality. This is just my opinion after all the reading ive done. Maybe doxyciline might help. Xx


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        I don't know if its an allergy, but I had a similar effect with the eyedrops I had to stop using. The suspect ingredient was confirmed as Boric acid and the crusting round the edges of the eye was actually the reaction to the drops. If you are using eyedrops regularly, is it worth checking into a new brand?

        If it is not an allergy, is it worth checking with your doctor that there's not an infection or something similar that could be causing it?


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          I had this relapse while going in my holidays house, and the exact same relapse happened when I came there in june and february this year... That's why I thought it could be an allergy... And if it is, all the hot compresses etc are just messing with my eyes even more so I'm terrified.

          Savino, you said it's a dermatological condition: do you mean it can't be diagnosed by an allergist?

          And for the drops, I never change and always use the same brand... Even when my eyes were "quiet" these months so I don't think it's the culprit ...


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            Have you tried using TTO products for demodex? I use 50/50 mixture of castor and TTO. Pretty sure my issue is and always was demodex.


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                you could get some blood tests done that might show your allergies, airborne ones especially. Also have you though about getting your eye swabbed? then the bacteria sent of to see exactly what it is? would be a great clue if it is a bacteria or virus even (EBV, ect).
                Its horrible when you get a break and it comes back, just remember it will likely go away again, if its done so before.
                People have recovered, so can we.


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                  Faith: I use cliradex wipes for flare ups, I'm running out of my stock lol but reordered a pack a few days ago they're on their way. Cliradex helps a little but to be honest its not a cure for me...

                  Waterbee: thx for your positive words yes I think it's the hardest thing to have 6 months of improvement and going back to square one... I'm just praying and trying to analyze my symptoms diary to find the culprit but it's hard to find! And for the swab I had one last year showing nothing, only "epithelial cells"


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                    Well, after trying Zyrtec yesterday: no improvement at all. I've seen my doc and he put me on Dexafree for the inflammation but I dont like these drops theyre makin my eyes a gooey mess with tons of mucus discharge....


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                      Wonder why some drops cause so much mucus? I'm finding that most do.


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                        I also have been diagnosed with MGD as well as Occular Rosacea. Seems they can go together. New Opthamologist has me doing warm compresses 2x daily, hylo- dual eye drops and taking omega 3 fish oil daily. For the last 2 was she had me on steroid eye drops Tobradex I think. My eyes felt so much better while using steroid eye drops but now that I've stopped ( can't use them for long periods of time) eyes are so irritated and sore again. She also did the manual releasing of glands on lower eyelids. I go back in 2 wks.