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Allergic, but to what?

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    Lovely post! Happy end.


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      Are you still cured??? I believe I am in a similar situation as you were, and am approaching my "2 year anniversary" of my symptoms. I have often wondered if I took an extended break like you have, if I would be cured.


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        I've never read this post before.. It is nice to know it can get better..and sometimes meds just make it worse. I feel like that has happened to me too... The more eye medication I use, the more tears I have to use... One day I will try getting off things but its a scary thought to me!!


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          I'm glad you are better! I am not surprised at all that you ended up being allergic to dustmites, I was suspecting that from your posts. Sounds like your office could use some cleaning...Either way it's good to hear the happy news


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            Originally posted by Blueyes View Post
            I was thinking I will write an update.

            After 1 year of dealing with the problem I described above and using all kinds of steroid drops, artificial tears, anti-allergy pills as well as Restasis, I was miserable. I started getting depressed, could not sleep at night dreading how the next day would be like. I was in severe eye pain every day. Still, on the weekends, I would get a bit better, and then as soon as I entered my office, it would get worse. I tried not to share my problem at work, and those who knew did not really treat it seriously... my boss never believed me.

            An then... the financial crisis came and I got laid off. Probably because of that. I was never willing to stay late like others did, just because all I could think about was getting out of there. Or maybe it was my red eyes - people used to ask me if I party really hard...

            On the day I got laid off all I felt was relief.

            I did not get better right away. After a month I discontinued Restasis. For a while, I still would get red eyes on the subway or on the commuter train. Three months later I was totally fine, producing real tears and having no redness at all! For the next several months I was living in fear that the problem would come back. It never did.

            It has been over a year and a half now. I turned my life around - I went back to grad school, I am starting a new career. I am fine.

            This is amazing, I had no idea an allergy could actually reduce tears and course mgd, I thought it just made eyes very sore and heavy, very insightful. I'm so happy for you I wonder if you'd come back and update us again, I hope so.
            People have recovered, so can we.