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Allergies or dry eye

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  • Allergies or dry eye

    everytime i am in my eyes get red. They get worse when i go in the bathroom under the lighting and maybe some scent in there? Who knows but my eyes get bloodshot everytime. If i am outside, they dont get as red. Could i be allergic to something that is doing this or what? I have been diagnosed with dry eyes and allergies. I also have headaches ..coudl this be all related and could it be bad allergies

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    I had the same problem when I was in a hotel this summer. I did not have a headache, but my eyes were so red and raw that I thought I had an eye infection. All I wanted to do was keep my eyes closed, and it was my first vacation in six years!

    I even tried going to the sauna for relief in their fitness center, and it became addictive, because my eyes felt better in the sauna but quickly went back to hurting and being red within an hour of getting out of it.

    You're right; there must be something in the vents.