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Corneal abrasion, 5 days later and still hurts......

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  • Corneal abrasion, 5 days later and still hurts......

    I got unlucky and a tree branch rubbed across my eye causing 3 very large, but not very deep, scratches along my eye. I've been on two antibiotic drops since then, but my eye still does not feel normal. It sort of stings and also feels like something is poking it, but I only feel this when it's open, not when it's closed.

    Is this normal? I'm not due to be seen by the eye doc for another month. What should I do?


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    I should add, though it's obviously irrelevant, I'm worried about this--it just doesn't feel right. I'm having a hard time pinpointing the type of feeling that it is, but it's sort of like a pulling feeling and also kind of like something is poking it. Is this normal? I welcome any comments or help. thanks!


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      I would make frequent use of gels to help protect your eyes from further damage from your dry eye whilst they are healing. I think it might take a few weeks before you are back to "normal" again. As long as things are slowly improving, if not try to see your eye doc sooner...


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        I would err on the side of sooner rather than later for the dr. Abrasions can take awhile to fully heal and it sounds like yours was nasty. I had one from just plain dryness recently and it was a couple days before that eye felt anything near normal (my normal that is). I kept it patched a fair amount and that helped somewhat. - One of the risks with a severe abrasion of that type is that some time after healing you can start getting recurrent erosions, so I'd go all out babying it however needed right now.
        Rebecca Petris
        The Dry Eye Foundation


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          Mine weren't deep enough to need a protective lens, ........

          might that mean the scratches weren't so bad that they should still be hurting 5 days later? I started putting refresh liquid gel in this afternoon, but I still feel pain.


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            Hi, Tiff.

            Sorry to hear about your accident. I whole-heartedly agree with Rebecca. Baby yourself and see the doctor earlier than scheduled.