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Problems after scratched cornea

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  • Problems after scratched cornea

    Seems many of us here have complicated stories and I'm no different. Vision in my left eye is low esp when it comes to reading I have something called central serous .....can't recall the extract name. It is making dark holes in my retina and it can't be fixed. It seems to have halted. I can't read out of my left eye. I rely on my right eye for reading.
    Recently, I was dx d with Sjorgrens Syndrome and my eyes are dry. Out of no where, I can't wear my contacts. The problem is worse in my right eye.
    One day, I realized my right eye hurt. I went to the local optometrist and he was shocked as I had four scratches on my cornea and only had mild discomfort. The drops cleared the problem in a few days.
    However, the dryness in my right eye worsened and it started to feel like something is in my right eye. Contacts are a nightmare, but I seem to be able to get them in for special occasions one time a month and absolutely no more.
    After that scratched cornea, my right eye just seems sooooo very dry and so very strange. Burns all the time, ESP I the morning and often feels like something is in it. I went to an eye doc and he doesn't see anything. Both say to just use drops and only wear contacts (dailies) a max of one time a month.
    Very recently, ,y eyes look squinty and glare bothers me. I'm worried. Any thoughts?
    Thank you.

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    Hi Nomad-I have Sjogrens also and had Lasik which started my eye problems 13 years ago. Because you have Sjogrens, you need to see an eye doc at least once a year and more if you're having trouble. Using drops a few to several times A day should relieve some of this discomfort. Using a drop without preservatives can be a big help. Many choices to pick from. Some of the most popular: TheraTears, Refresh (many kinds). You have to try them to know if they will really work. I'd say try only one drop in a two week period and you'll have an idea if you like it or not. Your doc might prescribe Restasis or discuss punctal plugs if you are still dry. Good luck, Lucy
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      Hi, Nomad.

      You said, "One day, I realized my right eye hurt." Do you remember scratching it or did it scratch on its own? I'm asking, because when my Epithelial Basement Membrane Dystrophy (EBMD, aka map-dot-fingerprint dystrophy, ABMD, Cogan's dystrophy) first manifested when I turned 40, I had thought that I scraped my cornea on my pillowcase; however, that was not the case. It just started a process of Recurrent Corneal Erosions. You may want to ask your doctor if you have EBMD. Sjogren's, I understand, adds other complications with getting enough moisture to the eye.

      Lucy's a great resource! She was the first person on this board to answer my pleas for help, so her advice is fantastic!