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  • strange sensation

    Dear friends,
    Im sufferer of SJS(had before 20years).Im highl photophobic.cannot go in sun without sunglass.
    I have been to a strange problem since my SJS.
    Whenever a photo is being taken, my face starts giving problems and i cannot make my face as i want to keep.and feel so much irritated with the strange sensations.
    If any1 has any idea on this or suffering from same?Even google does find anything for me!!
    Really need to be a ROCK to take the pain!

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    What specific problems does your face give you when a photo is taken? Is a flash being used? Does it occur only when a photo is being taken?

    Could it be "anticipatory anxiety" ?


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      the sensation is like..i cant relax at all.. infact i have to stretch any of hand/leg/fingers muscle to keep eyes open(which r dry and photophobic) and stay concentrated.seems like face is drying up- cant say its just too irritating feeling. there might be something else than an anticipatory anxiety but dont know what it could be...
      Really need to be a ROCK to take the pain!