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How can eye doctors best help depressed/anxious dry eye patients? Your thoughts.

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    My surgeon's reactions:
    "A lot of people would be happy with your results".
    "Your eyes don't look that dry to me (!)" (After I had just doused my eyes with drops!!!)
    "If I had had a crystal ball then I would never have operated on you."
    "You've just been incredibly unlucky."
    "You know, I have to think of the 99% majority and unfortunately, you have fallen into the 1% minority of unsuccessful cases."
    "Remember that you really were very short-sighted. Let's remind ourselves why this operation exists in the first place."
    "Look, I've spent a lengthy amount of time with you and there is not much more I can do for you now."
    "Well, visual impairment is a little too strong a term to use..."

    His optometrist:
    "Did you not read the information?" (When things were going wrong and I was really anxious - apparently, I signed up to this...)

    More empathy, support and accountability from certain eye surgeons would be a step in the right direction. Less arrogance and human warmth is needed.