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Flap lift treatment for nerve pain after LASIK

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  • Flap lift treatment for nerve pain after LASIK

    Hi All, Can anybody let me know how is the success rate for Flap open treatment for ocular pain following a syndrome called ocular disestesia.
    The nerve pain is too much and eating or drinking water increases the pain and pressure in nerves below eyes to a level unbearable ... It is a daily routine that totally takes off all the energy and even difficult to concentrate on work.

    Everyday is like a hell ,,, waking up morning in depression and have to goto work to make a earning...I don't know with so much pain how long I will be able to survive in work.

    Went to a pscychiatrist and was said I was in severe depression ,, and he told he would convince my family members that I cant work anymore and suggested some other profession other than computers.
    , but have no other profession , no one seems to take things seriously at home ,, they discard saying how will you make a living??? they simply discard call ...
    Seems that I am left alone... it is like "survival of fittest",,surviving daily embarrassment and it is like have to fight and struggle everyday to survive.

    Also can anyone suggest how are the autologous serum drops......
    It seems the hopes are lost long back , then also anyways surviving above the break points ... how to survive depression and bring back the patience......

    Have accepted everything then also the things are worsened...

    Thx ...

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    Is this a known procedure to reduce ocular Eye pain due to lasik? From conversations previously I thought it would actually possibly increase the amount of Eye pain one might experience.

    but me too after my Lasik in 2008 still looking for something to relieve the pain.

    Supplements eyedrops and such have helped but the problem is Ongoing. It is definitely something that limits what I can actually accomplish in my life as there are certain things I can just not excel at.

    Sadly I have still not been able to read a book since my lasik, this is one of the things I loved to do. Also would love to do some academic upgrading but just really is a pain literally.

    Anyways just want to let you know I feel your pain so very sorry


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      Thanks Aaron. But the nerve pain is too much, I think there are circumstances where the pain might increase like already expereicing dryness and pain from before. If we can have much research onto this , might help us.