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  • Help? No relief

    Hi, posting this as I have had my depression which I already had go to very horrible with dry eye I'm loosing hope big time I haven't even had it that long since dec of 2014. I've tried a lot of eye drops, I do warm compresses at least 2-3 times a day now, trying to express oil afterwards, lid scrubs too, multiple fish oil brands at different amounts usually 2-4 caps per day which were: theralife, Holland and Barrett, tescos, another one I can't mind online, bio tears and higher nature which is flaxseed oil caps. I'm currently on the things I said above ect warm compresses that part. I go back soon but have had no improvement... I'm on Thera tears been on it for a little bit and no improvement... I'm going to continue to take them. But I'm very depressed as I'm getting no relief. I produce enough water part and mucus but not enough oil I got oil based eye drops with natural lipids and soybean oil no relief at most. This is effecting my confidence on myself, I've lost my sex drive because of how depressed I am, I feel guilty because of too much computer use, my eyes are red much better than last year but no improvement and I've already given up. I've applied for a hnd course but I dunno if I'm gonna be able to now.
    Most of my bottom glands on both sides are open, top I dunno I mind spec savers person looked at both top and said they were OK. I have grade 2 mgd. I'm getting severely depressed aswell I can't afford ipl/lipiflow/mgd probing. I might ask about antibiotics like doxy or something but I'm not sure what my other options are for fish oil letting me down every time and warm compresses giving me little relief. I only need it up 6 seconds I produce some oil but not enough. It seems easy but it's not. Help?