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  • Anxiety

    I have several eye issues. Started with post vitreous detachments and floaters both eyes. Common for older people however one eye during detachment left a erm,which is a membrane growing over macla in my right eye,may need surgery,can caus distortion,now i have posterior blepharitis, mgd. Lots of blurry vision which totally freaks me out,that combined with floaters etc has made my anxiety go through the roof. I stay at home alot mainly because of anxiety. I cant accept the blurred vision. So far the pain is low. Any advice,its affecting my life so much. Only positives please im nervous enough.

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    First of all, I'm sorry for what you're going through. Second, you're not alone in the anxiety department. I believe a lot of us in this forum have some form of anxiety due to our various eye issues. Have you talked to your doctor about what you can do for you blurred vision? Is there a surgery that can minimize or eliminate it altogether? Most importantly, is there someone you can talk to about this? Maybe a professional that can help your with your anxiety? It's important not to let the anxiety take over completely or you'll end up feeling worse in the long run.


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      Hi,my tear film is affected from posterior blepharitis,plus i have floaters,so i get blurred vision on and off from those things,just hard to deal with when what causes the anxiety is something you see . Im going to my third doctor on july 1. Hopefully something like doxycycline can help. This gets so confuseung as everyone is different . Thank you for your message. Xx


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        Hi Klee, how did you go at your doctors appointment? Did they prescribe you doxy and have you started taking it?


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          Hi,actually he was smug and dismissive. I waited a month and a half to see him. He talked to me a total of 10 minutes. I told him I wanted another opinion becaus of the blurry vision etc. His response was to forget about it? I said how when you have to see it all the time. He acted like it was nothing. Told me I have mild to moderate dry eye. Well from the symptoms chart Id say moderate because of the blurry vision plus I get burning on and off etc. He threw out the words occular rosacea but did not diagnose that,said hed seen people with eyes 10 times worse then mine,well I pity those poor people as this to me is a daily nightmare. He then said he could give me doxy,well so can my regular eye doc. So if I take it will get it from him. He then said he had to go see a "sick"patient in the room next to mine. I would love to report his lousey attitude to the hospital. The assistant gave me the Schirmers test before the exam,i asked him for the result,he said.. i dont do those tests.hmm just had one,so never gave me the test result. Said anyone with plugged glands has dry eye. He also said the glands dont atrophy,well I know thats not right as Ive read it a dozen times. Unless Im desperate I wont be going back to him.