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Forgetting what it was like to have normal eyes.

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    Great to hear your eyes have been good. Did you do anything special, new drops, lid cleanser, diet??

    Maybe it is good to tell your dr the 'most problematic symptoms' you have - hopefully (s)he can detect something from there??
    If you have inflammation issue, best to get MMP-9 test (London dry eye center has it) done and osmolarity for objective data.

    Water issue
    If you have this issue only based on schirmer & once only, I would find a dr who can examine Tear Meniscus Height as schirmer is not that objective. If you are keen to know more, please read my recent posting, 4,5,7,
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      They fluctuate a lot like this. good for a period then bad. I cant seem to find stability. Hard to book a follow up to discuss issues when symptoms are all other the place.


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        So is hard to book follow up appointments as eyes don't have too many symptoms. And other times my eyes are bad. I was told to follow up in 9months but to come back sooner if had issues. I had a pretty terrible August with my eyes but held of going for a follow up as I was only seen at the start of july. Things have been calmer this last week. Bar my left eye which Vision has seemd to drop in not sure if this is dry eye related or I have gone shortsighted.


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          Is there any reason why my vision was so much better on steroid drops? Can the temporary change the shape of ones eye?