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    Originally posted by JenessaP View Post
    gilles Honestly, I have no idea what triggered my eyes. I was on birth control for about 5 years, wore contacts, lived in a very windy and dry city in Canada, lots of computer work, worked in a hospital, was on antihistamines. All of these things contribute to dry eyes yet another person could be doing the exact same thing and be totally fine. I was diagnosed with cornea neuralgia, and gland dysfunction and low tear production, and poor blinking. So I guess a lot haha, but there isn’t one definitive thing that caused it. Oddly enough my symptoms have really improved in the winter so really nothing is making sense. But yes avoiding computers and dry environments have made all the difference but hoping to find a nursing job that is dry eye friendly will be the ultimate struggle. I had custom moisture chambers made and they are so worth it, and you really can’t notice them that much, I feel this could also really help in your working environment!
    Where did you get custom chamber glasses made?? I have some and they're okay but they're butt-ugly and I need some nicer ones that feel better and fit better. I'm also in Canada!