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Alcon-has a new eyedrop...

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  • Alcon-has a new eyedrop...

    I just got off the phone with customer service with Alcon and she let me know that there is a new drop for dry eye/MGD suffers.
    Alcon Introduces New Systane(R) BALANCE Lubricant Eye Drops for Dry Eye Patients with Meibomian Gland Dysfunction
    My doctor just started me on Systane Ultra Performance and I must say it felt good from the moment it hits your eyes and stays a while-at least for me. Hope this helps some of you out there. I know we all feel like guinea pigs sometimes in this process. Hopefully, we can all help each other out. God bless.

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    Is this an over-the-counter eyedrop?


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      It is over the counter

      Yes, it should be in most stores by now. They released it about 1-2 months ago. Good luck...I will try it as well.


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        Systane Balance

        Yes, I saw this drop on the shelves and was curious about it also. I wondered how it compared to the Systane Ultra - even though I primarily use Oasis Tears Plus, with supplemental addition of Theratears Gel in my dryer right eye. I just had my four-month checkup today and asked my doctor about it. He said that it's really good, and that if/when I have trouble again with my oil glands becoming "plugged," that he'd recommend it. In the meantime, he told me I didn't need it, so it must help the oil glands somehow. Always good to have something new....


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          Tried it

          Tried the eye drop,

          seems like a watered down version of Soothe XP
          its got mineral oil in it and a water based lubricant similar to systaine in it.

          Its preserved, not to fun on the eye if used in excess just like sooth xp

          though it lasts for a little while, not like systaine though, cant be used as often...

          my opinion, doc gave it to me to try


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            I started using Systane Balance this morning. Today my eyes have felt better than they have in a very long time.
            Something I had not even thought about it helping so much is my vision. The hazy, filmy, blurriness is mostly gone. Apparently the lipid part of the drop helps that also.

            But, I will wait and see. I have been disappointed so many times that I am cautious about getting excited about this.
            I have evaporative dry eye. Tried Soothe, it irritated my eyes right away.

            I've used the Balance 3 times today, and my eyes have been improving all day. Keeping fingers crossed~~~ hard to type that way I will let you know how this goes.


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              Hi D
              So glad the drops are helping....I have Sjogrens and allergies will they help me? Thanks
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                eh phooey! I was right not to get my hopes up too high.
                This drop has ended up causing my eyes to get worse after initially (for one day) feeling good.

                I woke up the first morning with my eyes back to their usual awful condition - worse than usual actually.

                I'll go back to using just a little saline once in awhile. That seems to be the best I can do.