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Good diet tip for MGD / Bleph

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  • Good diet tip for MGD / Bleph

    Hi folks,

    I just had a chat with my local gym instructor. He's actually a pro bodybuilder who is an expert in diet and knows a hell of a lot about what certain foods do for the body. I told him about my eye trouble and he recommended the following foods to be had on a daily basis. He also mentioned that consuming this food would have a huge health benefit on the body. Anyway, see what you think:

    Morning - Teaspoon of flax oil. Two omega 3 capsules.
    Mid morning - 30g walnuts.
    Lunch - 1/2 an Avocado.
    Mid afternoon - 30 walnuts.
    Supper - Oily fish portion (salmon or mackerel)
    Night - Teaspoon of flax oil.

    This isn't just the food you eat. Of course you'll eat extra stuff on top of this but he said to reduce the carb intake a bit and this oily diet will immensely help fat loss.

    Hope you find some use in this.


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    Hi Hugh,

    I've heard the same things about those foods so I make sure to supplement with high quality Omega 3 capsules - make sure whatever you buy is tested for heavy metals, mercury, lead, cadmium, and dioxins. I buy from the, which is a local shop that I see a nutritionalist at. The Omegas that I buy have 420 mg EPA and 300 mg DHA per serving.

    As far as the flaxseed goes, have you tried it on greek yogurt with berries? It's really yummy. You can add your walnuts too.

    Have you seen the other threads on coconut water? I'm trying that as well. I also started taking oral hyaluronic acid a few weeks ago but am yet to see any improvement. My allergies are awful right now though, so who knows. Oh, and local honey is worth a try - eating a teaspoon daily. Make sure it's unpasturized and LOCAL. Very important.

    Just thought I would chime in, your friend gave you very healthy ideas.