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Today's tip: Something that has helped me!!!

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  • Today's tip: Something that has helped me!!!

    I have been following the forum for a while and although I haven't been posting frequently I always like this part of the forum because if I can find or use anything that makes my condition more "bearable" that is a huge improvement, so here it goes!

    I have been taking for a little more than two months a supplement called Cellfood. The makers claim that it helps your body get hydrated. Well I have noticed a positive result (not amazing, but anything counts!!!). This in addition with my warm compresses, Dwelle drops in the evening and protection glasses during the day have contributed to reducing the amount of artificial tears I instil in my eye during the day . Again, I still experience dry eyes and some days they are worst than others, but in general I think I can manage a little bit better.

    I hope this helps!!


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    I hope it brings you continued success, Jessica.

    Here's a link that I found to the product:

    Those who have gotten to know me just a bit may know where I stand on non FDA-approved supplements: drugs and devices that ARE regulated by the FDA can sure as he** hurt us, but--for the most part--these are known quantities that had to pass significant hurdles of safety and effectiveness.

    "Nutritional supplements," however, have to surpass NO such hurdles. The "research" offered for this product:

    ... looks, to me, to be rife with misleading logic and buzzwords ("darkfield microscopy") that have been the hallmarks of pseudoscience (more like people selling miracle health cures) for years. You'll note that they go a long way toward telling you what the action of this supplement is in a petri dish setting, but clearly stop short of making claims that any of that action translates into any health benefit.

    My feeling? If they could ... they would.

    This sounds like a "hyper-oxygenation" therapy -- like "food-grade hydrogen peroxide," which is still around:

    There's also no sign that most of the "laboratory testing" was done via an independent laboratory--not usually a good sign.

    Bottom line for me, though: if my lucky prayer made my eyes feel better, I'd use it ... oh, yeah, baby ... I'd use it. The mind, too, is a powerful thing.

    Just be careful of this kind of supplement. Doesn't mean don't try it--just be careful. It follows a long lineage of comparable types of products--most of which came and went (do they still sell seasilver? I guess they do!):

    Again: Quackwatch's viewpoint should just be seen as another perspective.

    All the best ... most sincerely!


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      sorry so very belated, but I just registered on these forums, and noticed this post.

      Long long ago, I tried Cellfood among a HUGE amount of other therapies/ists tried.

      It did absolutely nothing for me.

      Then again, just like Cellfood was so popularized (yet didn't work for me), similarly Immunocal, and Bodypure detox pads, and Biopro EMF protection chips, and Paragone/Intestinew, and a zillion other stuff which had RAVE reviews,
      .....ALL the above (and way more stuff) did absolutely did nothing for me.

      I posted this just to balance the record, with my own experience(s), for the record.
      CHEERIO! HELIO! Dry Eye Minni



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        Hi Neil0502
        Glad your back!
        I wonderered what had happened to you ?
        You were one of the first people to help me in the early days
        I thought you had got lost in cyberspace
        Do stay with us --- you have a lot to offer


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          Hi there...are you still following the Candida diet Jessica? rop

          Are you still seeing results? Thanks


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            This is a 2006 thread. Sorry for the confusion, everybody.

            Another reminder to newbies: PLEASE, look at the date and don't post if the thread is more than a few months old. Instead, start a new thread.
            Rebecca Petris
            The Dry Eye Foundation