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Pepper Spray and Tear Gas

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  • Pepper Spray and Tear Gas

    No, they are not a treatment for dry eyes

    Yesterday came to my mind that it would be a good analogy to make people, even doctors, understand our suffering.

    Today I told it to a friend, to make him understand how it is hard.

    You could start asking:
    Have you ever wondered why those so used no-lethal weapons are made to hit the eyes?

    Pepper spray is made to control and disable people, even the toughest ones. Even the most die hard, or even a bear, can't stand pepper spray in the eyes, can't stand the burning feeling.

    So tell people and your doctor to imagine how it would be living with pepper spray in the eyes for 365 days/year.

    We live with the disable feeling that a no-lethal weapon produces, every f... day.
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